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Introduction to Calculus Applets

Introduction to Calculus Applets

This site consists of several dozen applets, each pertaining to a different aspect of single variable Calculus. Topics covered range from continuity and limits to differential equations and infinite series. Each applet is on a separate page that also includes detailed explanations of the concept under review along with suggestions for student experimentation with the applet. Each applet can be opened in a resizable window for better viewing as a...

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james Bucolo
james Bucolo (Student)
13 years ago
I spent three hours reviewing the material and playing with it and getting a breif overview of what u learn while taking a calculus class. The one great aspect about this site is that its equal to an online textbook except it allows you to review any material in calculus you just went over or want to move ahead and pratice with some material you are about to go over so you have an understanding of what you are about to go over. The one java applet i found interesting was Limits:an informal view. The aspect i enjoyed about this applet was that you were able to expiriement with graphing x and y min and max as well as set limits, save those limits, equalize axes and zoom in and out. As well as on the top of the page it gives you a description of this techinque and how its written in mathmatics. B. this webiste definately presents significant calculus material due to the fact that like a textbook the page is split up by sections of calculus starting with understanding how to use graphing tools correctly and giving you applets to pratice this skill. Then continiung with continuity of limits and breaking up what the most important techinques are u need to know from this section ending with sequences and series. Furthermore for any teachers that need any help with teaching the material or having any techinical issues it gives them a site to answer any of those questions for them and this is the only site that has that that i have seen. c. I think this will enhance students learning by being able to spend as much time as they want in reviewing this material and using it to study for any tests they have.Or using it to teach there parents about calculus or show them a site in which they can use to get a grasp of what thier sons or daughters are working on and if they should change how they are teaching this subject to thier kids. Whereas on a teaching perspective it allows the professor to plan what he is going to teach to the class a certain day and be able to use it while revewing homework in making sure that the students are doing the homework correctly. Whereas on a more class basis depending on how the students are doing with learning the material they could expand thier knowledge or use other resources in collabration with this material or change in how they are presenting this material. D. I think this is a great resource for students from highschool for an Ap test up through college with calc classes. Though I would make sure that U have a foundation of calc before you start looking at this site or have a textbook with You. Beacuse the site only offers a guide to solving diffrent equations not 5 pages on this topic.
Time spent reviewing site: three hours.