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The Sociology Game Show

The Sociology Game Show

Sociology game show test participants' knowledge of Sociology, helps in reviewing for exams, and allows users to have fun doing it!!


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Mandy Hertel
Mandy Hertel (Faculty)
1 year ago
The Sociology Game Show created by Wadsworth Thompson Learning is a good tool for students to build knowledge retention, the first building block of higher order thinking. The format is interactive and keeps the player engaged through question and answer "game boards". The player is able to review the concepts as many times as needed and to keep a personal score on each "game card". This gives the player an opportunity to play the card again to beat the original score. There are several categories offered to play and the quality of content is very good for introductory sociology courses. The content meets the need for building knowledge and understanding but is not useful for higher order evaluation such as application or connection. There are some limitations if the intended use is for knowledge evaluation. Due to the variation of focus by authors of introductory textbooks, some information in the game may not be available to the player or may lead the player to focus on learning information that is not covered in the course being taken. A possible solution for this maybe to offer several versions of the "game card" for each category or an interface with question banks that faculty can use to create unique "game cards" specific to the content they are teaching. The current set up of the website would require some major updates for this to occur however. Overall use of the website is straight forward and low risk to the player making it more likely the resource will be used. The resource is most valuable for information review.
Time spent reviewing site: 30 min
Lynn Ritchey
Lynn Ritchey (Faculty)
11 years ago

This site is part of Wadsworth/Thompson online resources.  It is an interactive learning game similar to Jeopardy using sociological categories.  Students can test their knowledge in a variety of topical areas found in an introductory text.

The material on this site is extremely easy to use.  The content is more directed at memorization of key sociologists, theories and perspectives, and concepts.  It does not enhance critical thinking skills of students.  The material is effective in helping students assess their knowledge and it is interactive.  Students not using a Thompson/Wadsworth text may not score highly because of the variations in coverage in introductory texts.  Additionally, students self-score and therefore scores should not be used as an indication of student knowledge!  This is best used as a resource for students prior to taking an examination.


Technical Remarks:

I would like to see the site develop an automated scoring system.  This would include a more indepth explanation of a theorist/concept/theory if the student is not correct.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes