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Goal-directed Instructional Design Plan - Severe Weather

Goal-directed Instructional Design Plan - Severe Weather

This is a pdf of a Goal-directed Instructional Design Plan for Severe Weather. The educational need of this lesson is that students need to be able to understand the elements of severe weather and how to protect themselves. Students will need to conduct research, using the internet and the library in order to learn the best ways to prepare for a specific type of severe weather. As students conduct their research, he/she will need to gather fun...

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Neringa Tuyilingire
10 years ago

Great lesson plan for 3rd graders! The incorporation of technology (Kidspiration software, Internet, and computers) makes this lesson plan engaging and interesting. As I understood students will be learning individually on this assignment; have you thought of having student work in groups? It’s great that in addition to viewing weather technologies online, students will have an opportunity to explore how they work. I think it is wonderful that student will get to showcase their work to peers as well as to other students in the school. I think the NETS standards critical thinking, problem solving and decision making are met very well in this lesson plan. I think the UDL principles, instructional design and instructional strategies were met very well.

Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes
Ruben Watson
Ruben Watson (Student)
10 years ago

Provided detailed information for 3rd grade students to learn about severe weather and what is needed in a survival kit. NETS –Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making.

Technical Remarks:

Kidspiration Software will be used for this lesson which is a great software.Could add a link to provide a list of where hurricanes occur the most around the world.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 Minutes
Carolyn McCarthy
Carolyn McCarthy (Faculty)
10 years ago

It would be fun to have the students create Word clouds of the terms for severe weather types. In Part 2. You have a wording problem: Students will also have the opportunity to also with... You've described a lot of different activities you expect students to do in part 2. Is there a fluid way you are tying these all together through some project? Is there something that will make it fun? Will they create a Glogster poster online with embedded videos, or create a digital story of their findings? Perhaps they could write a short story of someone living through the type of event they are studying. Perhaps they could create a skit or video of their weather events. After the presentations perhaps you could have teams do a fun drill where they have to come up with 5 things to immediately do if caught in that severe weather event.

Technical Remarks:

You have no timing suggested on how long these activities might take in the classroom.

Time spent reviewing site: 35 min