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Fraction Frenzy Stair

Fraction Frenzy Stair

A fraction powerpoint


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Sara DeVoogd
Sara DeVoogd (Teacher (K-12))
12 years ago

This resource provides students with a variety of representations for fractions.� Some problems provide mathematical statements with fractions.� Other scenarios provide visual representations with circles.� Still other aspects of the activity demonstrate fractions using fraction bars.� This in turn provides options for users to select methods to represent fractions that makes the most sense to them and is most clear.� An huge added benefit were the links to online fraction manipulatives.� This provides users with strategies to solve the problems based on how fractions were modeled within the activity.� The format and ease of use for the online manipulatives encourages users to visualize the problem using manipulatives without eliminating modeling options for the problem.�

Another benefit of this resource resides in the amount of choice and means of expression provided to the user.� As mentioned above, options for modeling fractions linking students to a tool for creating the model.� The activity also provided feedback to students either congratulating and articulating why a solution was correct or giving a hint for students to consider before returning the problem.� This helps students identify and correct misconceptions of fractions.

Fraction Frenzy provides users with several choices to explore fractions.� Multiple media forms are presented to develop student understanding such as video, interactive fractions and manipulatives, games, and cool math tutorials.� Students can select from the additional resources listed to enhance their understanding and further investigate the different types of fractions discussed.� One other unique resource presented were the three digital stories from Storybird.� I had never experienced a resource such as this!� I imagine presenting this information in a storybook format might help increase student motivation and relevance of the material.

Emily Reba
Emily Reba (Faculty)
12 years ago

Fractions are fun!!! This resource presents fractions in an understandable way with lots of pictures and links to extra materials for students who like extra practice.

The pictures were actually the most important part for me, especially in the equivalent factions section where it was so clear how some of the fractions were equal. In contrast, some of the slides were a little word heavy. Luckily the icons and audio helped to break up some of slides into smaller information bits. '

There were quizzes after each of the mini-lectures making sure that students understood the presented material. Right answers were rewarded with a thumbs-up :) and wrong answers were explained in a very clear and understandable manner.

In all, I would recommend this resource very strongly. As a teacher, I would actually prefer to use this in the front of the room because there is sooooo much good information in it!!! However, it can easily be used by students alone. Enjoy!

Technical Remarks:

Technically, this was very easy to use. Each step was explained clearly so that if a student isn't sure how to use PPT, this will make it very easy for them to use the resource. The only problem was that since clicking anywhere on the slide caused it to advance, it was impossible to click on some of the links. That said, the links were brilliant!!! There are so many useful resouces (including games - yay!!) all of which build on students understanding of fractions.

Time spent reviewing site: 40 minutes
Dana Collett
Dana Collett (Teacher (K-12))
12 years ago

Thank You for bringing that to my attention, apparently when I put it in my afs space, the hyperlinks didn't transfer over for some reason, I am looking to fix it now.

Lisa Mele
Lisa Mele (Teacher (K-12))
12 years ago

I thought this STAIR taught a lot of really important concepts. It also included guided instruction and allowed for independent practice. There was a mix of helpful tutorials and fun videos as well. Students would really enjoy practicing fractions this way. Great job!

Technical Remarks:

I had some issues with the navigation buttons. They didn't always lead me to where it said they would lead me.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes