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Common Causes of Revolutions

Common Causes of Revolutions

This is a stand alone lesson that uses Crane Brinton’s theory of Common Causes of Revolutions to compare the common causes of the French Revolution, American Revolution, Haitian Revolution, and Venezuelan Revolution. The French Revolution is the case study, and then students identify the common causes of the Atlantic Revolutions based from what they learned off the French Revolution case study....

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Samantha Forster
Samantha Forster (Teacher (K-12))
12 years ago

I thought the content of the lesson was very interesting, but I can see how students would not.  It was a ton of reading.  I could not get any of the documents to open, and when I check one of the answer in the first table towards the bottom all of the answers appeared, same with the second table.  That being said, I wanted to do a similiar table in my presentation and I couldn't figure out the best way either.  I loved the check marks, but they were the only image.

The content was very good, factual and informed, but with the current events going on right now that support/relate to this theory, I believe the content could have been more relevant.

Pam Pilant
Pam Pilant (Teacher (K-12))
12 years ago

The presentation seemed like a thorough lesson about the revolutions.  There was a lot of reading and it would be nice if there was sound or some of it was read to the students.  Also, I was unable to open any of the external readings like The Haitian Revolution, The Venuzualan Revolution and The American Revolution.  When I got to the checklist I just clicked "check answers" got all the correct answers and I hadn't read any of the material.

Technical Remarks:

The articles did not open up.

Time spent reviewing site: 10 min