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Crewes Plate Tectonics STAIR

Crewes Plate Tectonics STAIR

This is a STAIR model for review purposes of Plate Tectonics.  Topics include Continental Drift, Seafloor Sreading, Continental Margins, and Divergent Margins.  This is meant to be used as a review or in support of the material covered in class.


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Stephen Lawatsch
Stephen Lawatsch (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

I like the presentation in genreral though I am having some difficulty getting it to work properly on my computer.  Not sure if its because I am using PowerPoint 2003 or not.  Slide 5 and 6 are missing missing forward buttons so when I view it as a presentation it just gets stuck at slide 5.

I love all the images included with the content.  The pictures allow me to see whats going on.  The other images (Sad Puppy) are amusing.  Do you worry that students will get distracted by all the silly things?  I laughed at a bunch of them "run away, run away", but my students don't seem to be abole to refocus if they are distracted by anything.  I guess thats why my StAIR is so bland.

I really liked the way you explained both correct answers to the quiz as well as incorrect ones.  The level of the questions was also very different.  Some asked for facts, while others were much higher level (at least for me as I haven't sat through your class).  Do you feel like any student could answer the last question without having been in your class?

It was interesting that there was some naration in one part of this.  Is that somthing that would be good on all slides?  I still dont know what to think about all the accessability issues we discussed in class.

Overall very cool.  There are definitly some times I wish the mathematics that I teach lent itself to more to the types of colorful diagrams and images.

Technical Remarks:

I had issues with links that I noted above.

Time spent reviewing site: 45 min
Kelly Taunt
Kelly Taunt (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

I think the presentation of the material was eye catching and would keep student interest. I think this would be a great review or introductory activity.  The presentation was easy to use, and flowed nicely.  If used as an introductory activity, I think breaking into smaller portions overall would be beneficial.  It is a lot of content to remember in one class period.  If this was used a review activity, I think it would be much more doable the way it is presented.

I would like to use this in the fall with my new group of students, to see how they respond.

The only real recommendation I would have for this presentation is that I would try to find videos showing the movement vs. still pictures.  I feel students would remember the boundaries easier.

Overall, good concept to tackle, and dead on for MI benchmarks.

Time spent reviewing site: 40 min.