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English 101 Home Page

English 101 Home Page

home page for our required first-year composition course


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Nicole Schmidt
Nicole Schmidt (Staff)
1 year ago
This is a very comprehensive site! There is a large amount of textual information. It is great that the author utilized bolded headings, color-coded boxes, and hyperlinks to distinguish different content areas. However, it was a bit overwhelming from a user's perspective. I wasn't exactly sure how to navigate the site (should I read the boxes from left to right, up to down, etc.?). I would suggest that the author design this as a full website rather than one page, and utilize more images and audio visual content.
Cathy Swift
Cathy Swift (Administrator)
10 years ago

This is the site that serves almost as a web-based course. As the main page is made up of many boxes full of important notes and guidelines, it might be a bit difficult to catch the most important at the first sight. However, when working it through one may find loads of valuable tips and ideas to use in the class when teaching writing skills. I appreciate the way how well the web 2.0 tools (blogs, portfolios, journals etc) have been integrated into learning process.

Technical Remarks:

It might be easier for the user if the linked materials weren't the *.doc-files but *.html ones. Opening and/or saving the text files takes sometimes too long.