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Measurements and Significant Figures STAIR

Clicking Go To Material downlaods a PowerPoint StAIR presentation to help students learn about measurements and significant figures.


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Chris Hren
Chris Hren (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

I was quite impressed while I looked through your StAIR on significant figures. I really enjoyed going through it and looking at the different ways in which you presented the material. Being a chemistry teacher myself I know how tedious the discussion of those can get in a classroom but I think by using something like your StAIR it would become a far more enjoyable experience for the students. I especially liked the interactivity you put into the program as far as the questions go. I was quite amazed at how many different spots along the presentation that you presented a quiz to the student. I think doing that really helps and really forces them to pay attention, especially since the sig figs can be quite specific in what you need to learn about them. I also really liked towards the end how you made the user identify the rule they used when determining the right answer. I think by doing that you really help to cement the knowledge even further. Overall, I think it is a very, very well made activity.


There are a few very small things though that I personally would have changed on the presentation. First, and this is very much my own opinion, is that the sounds bothered the living daylights out of me. However, my wife could hear them elsewhere in the house and thought they were amusing so I suppose they would probably work for students. Again, that’s just my own opinion. One thing though that I actually might change however, or perhaps include, would be a oral explanation to go along with the text presented. I realize that could get out of hand quite quickly with the amount of text in the slides but I do believe it would be very beneficial to the students. Perhaps only including it for specific slides that highlight key points would be a good and doable alternative. Again though, amazing job!

Technical Remarks:

I actually don’t have any real problems on the technical side with this presentation. I really liked that as soon as you open it up it directly begins the presentation. I like the design and layout of the slides. Everything advanced smoothly and there were no problems with navigation. The only thing I could think of would be to include a navigation option somewhere towards the end to review each section of the material again if necessary or perhaps to include a table of contents where that was an option. Again, though outstanding job!

Time spent reviewing site: 35 Minutes
Jessica Haggerty
Jessica Haggerty (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

Great lesson!  I really liekd that you started the lesson with questions for the students to answer.  This will get them thinking about the material before you present them with the rules.  I also thought the questions throughout the lesson were very good and that it was a GREAT idea to have the students pick the rule they used.  The only one I thought may be a little confusing for students was 13000000.  It is not very common to have a decimal without numbers after it.  I understand that this will make two rules correct, but if possible you could make both of those a correct answer.

Technical Remarks:

The flow of the material was very good, if possible I would recommend a little more annimation in some of the slides so that students are looking at all of the material without skipping straight to the question.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 min