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Informative Speech

Informative Speech

This is a Goal-directed Instructional Design Plan for an Informative Speech.  The lesson is intended for high school students and the creator of this assignment use it, specifically, in a required Senior (12th Grade) English class.  The lesson culminates in 6-8 minute speeches with PowerPoint presentations, given to the class.  The class and the instructor then give the speaker immediate verbal feedback, using the "Sandwich...

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Lauren Collister
Lauren Collister (Librarian)
7 years ago

This is a good lesson plan for teaching high school students how to construct and deliver an informative speech. The outline for the plan is easy to read and contains real objectives and activities such as outlining, creating examples, and using statistics that can advance their knowledge of delivering a speech. The lesson plan references using a PowerPoint to teach the material to the students, although that PowerPoint is not given. Suggestions for evaluation both by the instructor and the student peers are given, including the "sandwich" method of giving feedback. 

This would be a very good learning tool to construct a lesson plan to teach informative speaking. The document is easy to read and very usable. The quality is also good with activities and outcomes matching up with the intended skills for the students to acquire. 

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes
Laura LaFrenier
Laura LaFrenier (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

A quality and detailed lesson plan that directly links to both real-world skills and state standards. This lesson is obviously well thought out from start to finish and encompasses many transitions. The prior knowledge activity with the PowerPoint presentation and an opportunity to practice the skill in an unthreatening format is wonderful. In addition, technology is integrated in the research stage for the speeches. Also, the feedback stipulation of "sandwich - positive, critical, positive" is a great way to ensure that students get valuable feedback from their peers without being too intimidated. In addition, the detailed requirements for the students of what needs to be in their speeches are great.

This lesson could be improved by adding a more specific evaluation tool like a rubric. Because students are delivering speeches, grading may be subjective. An evaluation tool included in the lesson would take it to the next level. In addition, the section where the instructor shows a video of himself or herself as a college freshman is a great idea but may not be feasible for all teachers.

Time spent reviewing site: 35 minutes
Amanda Kain
Amanda Kain (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

This is a great lesson!  It is very appropriate for the age group and will help students become more comfortable with public speaking.  I like how students have to make an outline to organize what they will say.  This is a tool that will help them in the future with not only planned speeches, but day to day communicating with others.  The objectives are very clear.  The evaluation is also very clear and sets expectations up front for the students to meet.  The actual lesson itself is not as clear.  it would be better if you included step by step on how you would teach the lesson and when they would have time to research and plan their speech.  I think it is great that you will have students give feedback to other students.  The meaningfulness is also one of the positives of this lesson.  Letting students choose a topic they care about will help to engage the students.  I really like that you will show a speech you did yourself and I can see how students will really be engaged in this.  Overall, this is a fantastic lesson that I would use in my classroom with some adjustments to fit the age group and skill level.

Time spent reviewing site: 25 minutes