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World Regional Geography: People, Places and Globalization

World Regional Geography: People, Places and Globalization

This is a free textbook offered by Saylor Foundation. World Regional Geography: People, Places and Globalization is designed for students to experience and study as much of the world as possible within a limited amount of time. It gives students the fundamental concepts and the latest data regarding world places in a concise, easy-to-read format. This textbook focuses on the primary issues that have created our cultural and societal structures, and presents them within a framework for global understanding. A pattern of development is outlined from the imprint that European colonialism had on culture to the impact that giant retail corporations like Wal-Mart have on consumerism. Within this framework, the textbook takes a regional approach to globalization and world geography, as each... Show More


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David Dorrell
David Dorrell (Faculty)
2 years ago

When looking for online material for World Regional Geography, there are few collected resources.  Part of the problem in this respect may be due to some inherent structural issues in the courses themselves.  WRG courses attempt to provide a narrative of the entire world broken into 10-15 logical regions.  This is a tremendous undertaking and few individuals or organizations would commit to such an undertaking, then release the work under a creative commons license.  In this case, the textbook is highly usable, but it can be idiosyncratic.  It presents as a very long pdf document, but as such it can be loaded into most e-text readers and searched.  Most of the criticism that could be levelled at it (overly broad, little depth) is applicable to any book produced for World Regional Geography.  It is a completely adequate resource for the subject, bearing in mind that an instructor would likely want to provide supplementary material.

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