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Water Treatment

Water Treatment

2nd grade water treatment course done in myUdutu.  All text is linked to audio for the younger students.

1. Students will be able to identify how much of the Earth's surface is covered with water.

2. Students will be able to list reasons they should be concerned about drinking water.

3. Students will be able to identify sources of drinking water....

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Joseph Buffa
Joseph Buffa (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago

This StAIR really did a great job of incorporating TPACK. First, it is connected to content standards for elementary science. Second, it allows students to explore the concept of water treatment virtually. Third, it uses sound pedagogy by not only teaching students the process of water treatment, but also by teaching them how to navigate the site itself.

Quick Highlights:

*Connects to content standards

*Easy to navigate

*Glossary provided

*Audio provided to support struggling readers

*Site navigation information provided

*Images and video clips throughout to aid the visual learner and to make more interesting

*Short learning check quizzes provided to show mastery of concepts

*Culminates in a creation piece. Students have opportunity to create their own mini water filtration system.


Another point to take into consideration is Universal Design. By providing directions for how to navigate the site and providing audio support, this lesson does lend itself to be accessible to a wide range of learners.

Technical Remarks:

Links and video clips work.

Will need computer and internet access for this lesson. If you are using this in the classroom and not as a Flip teaching method, you may want to consider having head phones available for students to use.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes
Suzanne Reinhardt
Suzanne Reinhardt (Faculty)
9 years ago

This was an excellent presentation on water treatment. It addresses many types of learning styles incorporating audio, visuals and an activity at the end. The water treatment activity at the end was especially effective as it worked both as an assessment and an interactive tool for the learner that needs to do something, which is not always easily addressed. Near the middle of the presentation there is an interactive chart with was very engaging and interesting, and the video that showed the water treatment process helped to supplement the information already given in a clear and fun way. The introduction was particularly constructive as it provided an explanation for how to use the buttons in the presentation. However, there were a couple of areas that should be looked at for improvement. At one point it was possible to skip to the next slide without answering the questions. And at the activity at the end the slides skipped back to earlier slides then I was never able to get back to that place again. This was really well done, and I learned a lot.

Time spent reviewing site: 25