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A StAIR design comparing bullying face-to-face and cyberbullying. Information is provided about each type of bullying. Short multiple choice questions are provided to help students check their understanding of the information.


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Kimberly Anglin
Kimberly Anglin (Student)
10 years ago

This is a great StAIR.  Cyberbullying is a very big problem today and it is very important for students to understand what it is and how to prevent it.  This StAIR does a good job of explaining what it is and comparing it to regular bullying.  It has a lot of reading so it's probably geared toward middle school to high school students.  The examples and ideas presented really relate to students and the world today.  I think that students would be eager to learn about cyberbullying.  This StAIR periodically checks for understanding with multiple choice questions.  I like how it gives an explaination if you get an answer wrong.  There were some  really cute graphics.  If one thing could be added it would be a video.  When considering the pedagogy of the StAIR, students may benefit from watching a video example of cyberbullying.  If I could change one thing about this StAIR I would time the navigation arrows so that they don't appear on the screen for about 30 seconds after each page is turned.  This way the student is forced to do all the reading and cannot simply click  through the presentation without paying attention.

Technical Remarks:

The only reason I gave this lesson four stars instead of five was because of the technical errors.  There were quite a few links on the check for understanding questions that did not do what they were intended to do.  For example on one of them, when you click the correct answer a box pops up and says "incorrect..."  On a couple of other questions when you click on the correct answer it says "correct" and then there's nowhere else to click to move on to the next page so the student is forced to exit out of the presentation, click back through all of the slides and then click the incorrect answer on those questions in order to be able to move onto the next slide.  There were also a few multiple choice questions that had a choice that you could not click on.  They weren't hyperlinked.  For the most part the presentation did what it was supposed to do but there were several small errors that made it more difficult to navigate through than it needed to be.

Time spent reviewing site: 50 minutes
Seth Hendrickson
Seth Hendrickson (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

I thought this was an overall excellent StAIR on bullying and cyberbullying. The information was presented in a very easy to read and understandable manner. The organization of the text and the vocabulary was uniform throughout. There was a lot of great information in general about methods in avoiding bullying and cyberbullying that could really give victims of bullying options in dealing with their problems. Bullying is always a problem in schools no matter the age of the students, so giving out valuable information like in this powerpoint is extremely important. Cyberbullying is the newest and most dfficult form of bullying to stop, so bringing attention to it as an issue is extremely important and is well presented in this StAIR. Technically, the StAIR is quite well done. The questions and answers sections make sure that the student is paying attention consistently. I especially liked the way that the presentation would take you back to the page where the information was contained if you missed a question. I did notice that a few of the buttons didn't work in the question section. I knew the correct answer on one slide, but the button didn't work so I had no choice but to answer incorrectly to go onto the next slide. Also, I wasn't exactly sure what the sound buttons were for. I initially thought they were spoken words to the slides, but when I clicked on them nothing really happened. These are just nitpicks to an overall pretty good StAIR. I would definitely use this in an anti-bullying lecture.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes