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Goal- directed Instructional Design Plan

Goal- directed Instructional Design Plan

This is a goal directed lesson plan intended for first graders. The skill that will be covered is the long e vowel sound.Technology will be used during the implementation of the lesson plan to deliver the information and to reinforce the skill.


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Jamie Bailey
Jamie Bailey (Teacher (K-12))
7 years ago

I had never thought of learning English with these issues.  Since it is my first language I have never associated the need to learn my vowels in such a way because I grew up knowing them.  The powerpoint seemed like a good introduction.

Technical Remarks:

Have you thought about having the students use powerpoint to make their own flashcards dealing with the vowels and sounds? This way they could learn associations with words that are easy for them to remember.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 min.
Ramiro Carbajal
Ramiro Carbajal (Teacher (K-12))
7 years ago

Very nice ID lesson and perfect for the age level of your students.  I understand how difficult it can be for students to get confused with short and long sounds and all the different vowel rules.  Spanish is much easier to read because for the most part, if it is there, you read it.  The English language has so many rules that it makes it difficult for young children to catch on. I thought your lesson was well written and properly set up to be an effective lesson.  I liked that that you have multiple assessments to see what your students have learned based on the lesson.  It is always important that lessons have plenty of visuals and you did a great job of covering that by creating a presentation and also using videos and interactive websites to reinforce what you taught. The magic wand is a great touch to get their attention and an effective way of teaching the long e sound. I also thought that having students work with pairs to read aloud was a good way of creating their reader identity.  Sometimes students will shut down if asked to read out loud to the whole class.  By having them work in pairs and doing the reading only to each other, it creates a safe environment for those students to learn the material. 

Technical Remarks:

I really liked this presentation but there was one thing that I thought was missing.  Students are not really using any technology for the assignment.  I know that when you wrote this lesson, we had not created a StAIR yet.  But that would be a great way to take this lesson to another level.  Having students work with a presentation as they learned would increase student learning.