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Finding Reliable Sources StAIR

Finding Reliable Sources StAIR

This is a stand alone instructional resource designed to teach students some basic ways to determine if a website is reliable enough to use in a research paper.  It begins by teaching students some basic concepts, then shows a video of me modeling deciding if a website is reliable, finally it quizes students on their ability to determine how reliable a website is.  I designed it with the idea of making it a "station" my students could go to if they were struggling in researching for a formal paper.  


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Melissa Benoit
Melissa Benoit (Teacher (K-12))
7 years ago

I was extremely interested in your StAIR. The lesson plan I submitted was actually on reliable sources. I think it's such an essential skill to teach students. I really enjoyed your StAIR. It did a really great job explaining the elements of a reliable source. I also loved your video where you walked through your though process about looking at a website. What a great way for students to see the process of looking at the site. You didn't just "tell" them you actually showed them the process. I also loved the quiz because it had students actually visit websites and look around. It gave them hands on experience looking at websites and seeing what aspects were important to focus on. The quiz was helpful because it gave immediate feedback for students to see. I would have liked if when students got it wrong they were sent to a review sheet reminding them why the website wasn't credible. Instead they were able to pick answers until they got it correct. I'm worried my students might just click around until they get it right and not necessarily learn the content. I really think this is a great way to get students practicing and working with credible sources. Awesome job! :)

Technical Remarks:

When I clicked on "Go to Material" it sent me to a screen that said "No preview available--Download". So I downloadrd it and it went to a screen that said it couldn't verify viruses "download anyway" and so I did and it took me to the actual PowerPoint, not just a StAIR. Not sure if it's my computer or how it was shared.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes
Samantha Slifer
Samantha Slifer (Teacher (K-12))
7 years ago

This is a great StAIR! This is very useful to students and teachers of all content areas.  I like that you give information for the students to think about that is probing them to think about reliable website. I like that you have the students identify if the source is reliable or unreliable as well as why it is unreliable. It was great that you were modeling and walking the students through the process of figuring out if a website is reliable. It was good that you explained the thought process while you were determining the website’s reliability. It was a good idea to create a screencast and highlight the specific areas that you were speaking of. It was good that you had the students try to determine reliability to certain websites.  This helps to solidify the information that they have learned.  This was a great StAIR and it is applicable to all teachers. 

Technical Remarks:

THe powerpoint was very easy to open. 

Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes