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Graphing Sine

Graphing Sine

This stand-alone instructional resource begins with reviewing trigonometric ratios and generates the unit circle and graph of the sine function.


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Elizabeth Kupiecki
Elizabeth Kupiecki (Teacher (K-12))
7 years ago

This was a great introduction to both the unit circle (if students have not seen it before) and the graph of a sine function. The review in the beginning and the practice problems helped prepare students to solve for the y values at points along the unit circle eventually leading to the sine graph. I think there was some room for improvement at the review at the beginning only covered the ratios for the different functions and did not include a review example of how to set up an equation to solve for an unknown side. I have found that setting up these equations is more of a struggle for students compared to just writing trig ratios.

I think that the flow of the lesson was great. It incorporated a lot of appealing visual elements and the flow of it made sense and was easy to follow. I enjoyed the tip on how to change the mode of the calculator from radians to degrees.

I enjoyed how students "built" a table by solving a series of problems. Initially I wondered why decimal values were used instead of exact, but this later made the graph much easier to interpret. Overall, I think this stand-alone lesson presented a difficult concept in a very understandable way.

Technical Remarks:

The powerpoint worked well, all the navigational buttons were fuctional.

However, most of the correct answers said "correct" which would need to be changed before using this with students. Likewise answers where a student needed to change the angle mode said "rad", the answer for using cosine instead of sine said "cos", etc.

Additionally some of the animations seemed a bit too long, especially the appearance of the forward button. I understand this instructionally as you want to make sure students take adequate time on the lesson, but I found myself reading the slide and then having to wait to move forward.

Time spent reviewing site: 40
Katlyn Witt
Katlyn Witt (Teacher (K-12))
7 years ago

This interactive PowerPoint provides an exploration of the Sine function.  There are slides with questions that provide immediate feedback to the student as well as suggestions for corrections.  The images/animations incorporated in this resource are helpful to the understanding and comprehension of the material.

Technical Remarks:

The formatting was off just a little bit.  Some of the slides had images/text overlapping.  I could still read everything but it was a little distracting.  On many of the slides with questions, after the multiple choice options it said which one was the correct answer.  This should be corrected if you're planning to use with students.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 Minutes