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Understanding Digital Learners and Corresponding Teaching Practices

Understanding Digital Learners and Corresponding Teaching Practices

A problem or a need: The technology use, skills, and familiarity between teachers and their students or faculty and pre-service teachers can vary greatly. It is important that teaching goals are framed in the context of “our students today,” and that best practice attempts are made to engage students with 21st century skills and tools. All divides need to be understood. K-12 teachers and college faculty need to understand that...

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Julie Halsey
Julie Halsey (Consultant)
9 years ago

This is a very well thought out lesson plan. I believe the survey beforehand is a great tool to get attendees thinking about the upcoming workshop and great information for you to have to help tailor to your audience in a very specific manner. I think a follow up survey at the end to see what attitudes and ideas changed for the attendees after the workshop might be helpful. Having a type of summary of items learned/discussed as a “take away” for each attendee is great for them as reference tool later. 

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Jennifer Gross-Russell
Jennifer Gross-Russell (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago

I think that reevaluating ones mission statement as to make sure 1) everyone is on the same page and 2) you are focusing on necessary outcomes is always a plus. I also think a survey, before the meeting, is an excellent way to get a clear focus of things before discussion even begins. 

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Nice work. 

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Kelly Hanson
Kelly Hanson (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago

Great resource for helping teachers understand digital learners.  I think it's really helpful that this lesson guides participants to identify where they are on the technology spectrum--digital immigrants or digital natives.  

I also like that teachers view videos that are specific to their grade level.  

Very engaging and interactive!

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Brad Laibly
Brad Laibly (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago

Outstanding, and very in depth plan for understanding some of the techology issues that divide us as students and teachers.  Several resources are used very effectively in the lesson plan, includeing a pre-survey to assess what knowledge that the learner already possesess.  Reading the lesson plan alone makes me interested in what the presenter may have in strore for me as a teacher and how I can become more connected to my students.

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