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Capitalization in Writing for First Graders

Capitalization in Writing for First Graders

This lesson was an idea that I came up with for teaching capitalization to my first graders.  Right now, there writing contains a transitional mix of uppercase and lowercase letters.  This lesson is a meaningful, and easy to modify strategy that I used with my students.  


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Christopher Munn
Christopher Munn (Teacher (K-12))
8 years ago

This is a simple and solid lesson plan. I like the way the teacher engages with the students and presents the problem, thus motivating them to learn how to properly use capital letters. It is a great idea to record the students reading their own book, thus increasing their interest and motivation.

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Emily Mullins
Emily Mullins (Staff)
8 years ago

As a high school teacher, capitalization is still a problem that plagues students. Who ever told them they didn't have to capitalize the first word in a sentence? This is a meaningful lesson (especially with teh use of a problem requiring a solution) that will teach students how to capitalize and the importance of doing so correctly. The use of classroom technology with first graders is impressive and advanced. 

Technical Remarks:

Use of the document camera and the digital storybook.

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S P (Librarian)
8 years ago

This lesson plan is designed to teach first grade students how to apply capitilization rules to their writing.  The setting for this lesson is much like story time and will appeal to 5-7 year old learners on that level.  Providing the students with a digital artifact of the lesson is an especially nice touch in that it is fun and will reinforce ownership of the learning.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes
Jason Simpson
Jason Simpson (Teacher (K-12))
8 years ago

The focus of this lesson is to teach student appropriate use of capitalization. This is clearly stated in the section use to identify the problem or need for this lesson. The lesson has the students interacting and engaging in the material by use of interest. The students are interested in the back story of the book they will be creating. There is not a technology link that I can find. This lesson is self-explanatory and easy to follow. Would definitely apply to classroom setting for younger students or moderately impaired students.

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There were no technological links

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