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STAIR Lesson - How to Write a Quality Blog Comment

STAIR Lesson - How to Write a Quality Blog Comment

This is a Stand Alone Instrutional Resource lesson that can be used when learning how to write a quality blog comment. 

There is audio, a video instruction, and images to help students learn about quality comments.  There are also two different Checks for Understandings built into the lesson. 


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Billie Jolie
Billie Jolie (Staff)
36 weeks ago
I would love to join your class Kate. I am very interested in the STAIR lesson. phoodle I think it will be very interesting.
Julie Halsey
Julie Halsey (Consultant)
10 years ago

I thought this was a very engaging and interactive stand-alone. The audio and review components are done very well. The photos in the presentation  really are visually fun!

One area that might students while thinking about the blog they will write is to add a review slide near the end so the quality items are fresh in their mind before they start to compose their own blog. Maybe even a links or examples of blogs written by other students their age as an idea what an active blog looks like. This would help some of your more visual learners. 

Jennifer Gross-Russell
Jennifer Gross-Russell (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

Great scaffolding of content. Graphics, visuals and auditory elements were nice features and didnt cloud the content. I like how you offer students the ability to master the concepts on this Stair by allowing them to revist the quiz. 

Technical Remarks:

Nice Job.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes
Kelly Hanson
Kelly Hanson (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

Katie, I enjoyed looking through this STAIR.  I can definitely see it being a useful resource for students just getting started.  The STAIR has a fresh look and is easy to navigate.  I like the progression of activities and teaching tools--video, quiz, examples, have students try it out, etc..

The video was very cute, but I wonder if middle grade students would find it a bit elementary - with the panda and younger students giving the information.  

Great resource.  I'll have to have my students blog so I can use it!

Time spent reviewing site: 25 minutes
Leslie Lieman
Leslie Lieman (Educational Technology Coordinator)
10 years ago

Hi Katie -

I think this is an excellent Stand Alone resource!  It is very clear, easy to navigate and I appreciate that on Slide #2 you really describe the details of what the students will learn upon completion of the session.  I thought the, "How do I write a quality blog post?" video was excellent.  However, you might want to change the title of Slide #4 to be, "How do I write a quality comment on a blog post?"  Are your students in the video or is it a resource you found online?  I would be interested in knowing where it is posted if it is a resource open to the public.  The embedded video drives the lesson (in clear, helpful, playful, accessible way) and your follow-up questions are good.  If a student gets a question wrong, he/she is sent back to "try again."  I wonder if this would contribute to a student simply clicking another choice without fully understanding why it is wrong in the hopes of then getting it right.  Do you think a wrong answer might be an opportunity to make a slide that reminds the student of the rule or is demonstrated with an example.  Obviously this would require a lot more slides, but might be something you want to consider.  This StaIR also looks like an excellent lesson in general.  I wonder if you have had the opportunity to see how the students learn the material from an instructor vs. the online stand alone resource.  It seems like it would be good for a "flipped classroom" assignment where the students use the StaIR for homework, and then come prepared to review and get started with the work of commenting on blogs.

Great job!

~ Leslie

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Kim Monts
Kim Monts (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

The slides were very clear, not cluttered with a lot of graphics.  A great idea to give those taking the quiz the option to go back and reveiw the video and that there's a link to a blog where more information can be obtained.