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Plagiarism Tutorial

Plagiarism Tutorial

A brief, 10-question plagiarism tutorial designed to challenge students and highlight the less obvious cases in which sources might be used incorrectly or irresponsibly. Provides immediate feedback and allows the learner to submit results to any email address.


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Mark Herring
Mark Herring (Administrator)
5 years ago
This is an outstanding source for helping students detect plagiarism. Although some of the examples seem to split hairs, on balance it will certainly help students come to grips with just how easy it is to inappropriately borrow another's work. The examples are fresh, timely, and consistent with materials that students in college would likely use. Moreover, not all the examples are drawn from written sources. Sources using graphs or other resources are also used. The examples are not easy ones either. Furthermore, when answers are chosen, students are given instant feedback. When the answer is right, students will find positive reinforcement and an explanation of why they are right. If the answer is wrong, students are given a more detail explanation of where they may have missed the point. This is a very useful, very helpful tutorial. Highly recommended.
Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Jennifer Duncan
Jennifer Duncan (Faculty)
7 years ago

This is a very sophisticated plagiarism tutorial that goes beyond the usual easy answers. I really appreciated that even correct answers generated an explanation so that students learn even from lucky guesses. at the end of the tutorial, users can generate an email report to send results to the instructor which requires them to explain three rules for using sources -again, beyond the easy out. 

This is all formatted for MLA, but the information on plagiarism would be useful in any discipline. It's quick and easy to navigate. 

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes
Tyler Dzuba
Tyler Dzuba (Librarian)
9 years ago

This is a well-written and carefully nuanced learning object. I was impressed at how well the examples capture the common gray areas that students so often struggle with. Great use of a fun tone in the answer desriptions! (Would that we all were the "Chuck Norris of plagiarism tutorial takers"!) 

Very clear and clean formatting. It's a nice touch to offer the option to skip back and forth through the tutorial to facilitate discussion of how different examples compare. Also, I was thrilled to see the inclusion of an email form so that students can do this on their own and submit their results to an instructor with evaluation built in!

My only regret? That I didn't discover this tutorial before teaching a class along these very lines last week! 

Technical Remarks:

Because the button at the end of the 10th question triggers the results page and email form popup, it's possible for a student to skip some questions and prematurely finish the tutorial. If they're clever, they can close the form, return to the questions they skipped, and retrigger the form, but this isn't obvious. It would be less breakable if the results page and form were triggered by all 10 questions being complete, not by the button at the end of the 10th question being clicked. Not a big problem because most students will just go through the questions linearly. Still, this would be a nice refinement.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes