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Van Gogh's Van Goghs Virtual Exhibit

Van Gogh's Van Goghs Virtual Exhibit

The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC offers us a virtual exhibit of paintings by Van Gogh in two formats. One is with images and text and has no special requirements. The other offers 3-D strolls through the National Gallery of Art to see the images and hear the supporting information and quotes read from Van Gogh's own notes. This version requires Apple Quick Time VR, and Real Player. All plug-ins and players are available for free from the opening page of this virtual tour. Information for both Macs and PCs is included. The actual tour is organized around ten different time periods in Van Gogh's painting career from early works to self-portraits to Arles. The information is organized well and presented in a thoughtful manner.


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Julie Fitchet
Julie Fitchet (Student)
19 years ago
This site is pleasing to the senses, visually stimulating, as well as, auditory
with words that are read from letters written by VanGogh to his brother, Theo.
There is an abundance of images and masterpieces for one to behold. The site is
easily navigated, however they are still frames so it is a bit slow, but the
pixel quality is wonderful! I truly enjoyed listening to the hopes and dreams
of an artist that will live in infamy, but at the time was as unsure of his
abilities and worried that the true understanding/meaning of his work would be
neglected, it was as if it were you or I holding the brush! I truly enjoyed all
avenues of exploration in regard to this site, and hope you will also!

Technical Remarks:

A bit slow, and audio broken up a bit, otherwise wonderful!