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Why and How to Avoid GMO Foods

Why and How to Avoid GMO Foods

This is an anti-GMO article from October 2009 published on a "Natural News" website that serves as a good example of the far-left stance on GMOs, and may be useful for those teaching aspects of genetic modification of foods, especially labeling issues. The article contains inaccurate information, highlighted in the note from the publisher at the beginning, typical inflammatory rhetoric such as "food facsism", and advocates for the elimination of...

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Kurt Shults
Kurt Shults (Student)
8 years ago

This is an issue that really deserves attention and the younger a person can learn about this issue, the better.

aleia murray
aleia murray (Student)
8 years ago

This is a very important subject, and many people do not know about it. Those of us who do are concerned that there are few solutions. One way we can fight GMOs is through educating the population about what they are, and how they effect the environment and our health. Spread the word and the research! We can also try to grow more of our own foods, and buy organic... we have a long road ahead of us!

Yia Vang
Yia Vang (Student)
8 years ago

a good informative page on GMO Foods and how we should avoid them

Joseph Rodrigues
Joseph Rodrigues (Student)
8 years ago

This website is great for understanding purposes about GMO foods. Personally, I find it difficult to stay away from GMO foods. I feel alot of food growers are converting to GMO. The only truely way to stay away from GMO foods is to grow the food yourself. A topic that was very highly discussed in my class.

Glory Warner
Glory Warner (Student)
8 years ago

Good resource. Unfortunately it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid GM Foods, they're everywhere. To bad the government is more concerned with money than they are with the health and well being of the people! :(