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Interactive Music Skill Checks

Interactive Music Skill Checks

A collection of interactive skill tests for music theory, musicianship and music appreciation.



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Teri Herron
Teri Herron (Content Developer/Author)
46 weeks ago
It appears, from previous Peer and User Reviews, that these materials are quite useful. Unfortunately, because the interactive modules were built in Java, additional plugins must be installed or enabled in order to view them. It was not possible for me to open or run any of them on my school computer regardless of Browser choice (tried Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer). One imagines that students would likely not make many attempts to open these exercises were they to run into the same issues/errors that I encountered. It would be terrific to see these converted into HTML5 compatible modules so that they could be readily utilized by learners. The visual design of the site is very busy with text, and rather difficult to read because of the contrast between the font and background colors. This would make the resource exceedingly difficult to use for those with visual impairments. It would be good to see a different design with either a black font and white background, or the use of all white fonts on the colored background to facilitate the reading of the text.
John Stutsman
John Stutsman (Other)
1 year ago
The use of these materials requires Java to be installed. Most modern browsers including Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome no longer support or allow Java, therefore this resource will be hard to use for many people
David Risner
David Risner (Content Developer/Author)
1 year ago
Internet Explorer on Windows & Apple Safari on MacOS both support Java. It can be hard to get it to run, but it is worth it as many educational sites were developed using Java applets, but do not have continuing funds to change to the harder to use technologies that browser makers are trying to funnel people to use.
Bob Walker, Jr
Bob Walker, Jr (Faculty)
6 years ago

This is a good site to practice basic music skills. A good second resource to send students to who may be struggling with some of the foundational skills needed in Music Theory. 

Technical Remarks:

The site was easy to use and navigate. I found the applets slow to load and some of the aural skills had a lag which made it difficult to really work with and assess progress. 

David Santiago del Río Valencia
7 years ago

this site helps a lot, Both for students who want to practice what they learn in class, and for teachers wo want to use this site in class

Time spent reviewing site: 15 min
Angela Sanders
Angela Sanders (Staff)
13 years ago
This site was very helpful and can be helpful expecially to students who wants
to practice and get feedback while they practice and they can do this while at
home. I fount it very helpful and I might start using this myself
Used in course? Yes
Kacie Nichols
Kacie Nichols (Student)
13 years ago
I am a Psychology major and music minor. I just finished completing the tasks on
this site about ten minutes ago to see how and what they tested. Not only this
but I was able to test myself on what I have learned in my own music theory
classes. This site was a wonderful way to learn or retest what you already have
learned. It was very simply stated and easy to follow. Being in music theory
classes myself, I found the information of the content to be quite accurate.
This site would be an excellent way to teach music theory and to test students
on what they have already learned in class.

Technical Remarks:

This site was easy to navigate and to use. The pop ups for the tests loaded a
little slower than most other things I have come across but were very easy to
use and helpful once they did open (worth the wait). Other than that I did not
really run into any technical issues at all. This is a very helpful, organized,
and easy to navigate site.
Used in course? Yes
Rusty Simpson
Rusty Simpson (Student)
16 years ago
This site has great skills tests that could be a supplement to a music theory
class, which is what this site is based upon. It covers such topics as pitch,
scales, rhythm, chords, intervals, and melody. This site will really test your
abilities going from very basic concepts to much more complex concepts. You
need to have a good ear on the aural part of the skills test. I would not use
this site for music students that have never had any training. Each part gives
you a certain number of questions. Depending on whether you answer it right or
wrong, a tone will sound and then you will go to the next question. At the end
of that session it will tell you how many you got right.

Technical Remarks:

You really need a high speed connection to the internet to view these pages
without getting aggravated. Each session opens up in a different window which
you can close at the end of the session. You will need the java applet in order
to view and hear the test. I wish that they would use a voice saying "that is
correct" or "please try again" instead of the annoying little beeps and rings
when you get an answer right or wrong. You also need a good set of speakers for
the aural part of the test.
Used in course? Yes
William Wieland
William Wieland (Faculty)
17 years ago
I directed my students to use Interactive Applet Skill Tests to supplement my
freshman music theory online materials and keyboard activities. Most reacted
favorably. Comments included "this helps a lot" and "good for practice". Of
course, some found the material too hard while others thought it too easy.

Technical Remarks:

Several students were not comfortable with the interface. I received comments
such as "online work is tough and tedious" and "even if you know the right
answer, the computer will sometimes count it wrong if it is not written in a
specific way".
Debi Dusseault
Debi Dusseault (Faculty)
17 years ago
This site is basically a series of java applet tests for the user to practice
fundamental music theory and aural skills. It will be useful for non-musicians
in music appreciation courses as well as for music majors in beginning music
theory courses. The tests are divided into two sections: theory and aural
skills and deal with the topics of pitch, rhythm, scales, chords, intervals,
voice leading, melody and a "drop the needle" style analysis section that uses
classical and jazz styles.

Technical Remarks:

The general format is a presentation of 10 questions in a java applet.
Generally an interactive staff and keyboard appears with buttons to use for
submission of answers and other technical buttons to use for the questions, such
as adding a sharp or choosing the note value that you wish to use. For the
most part I found the format easy to understand and to use, especially in the
theory column of tests. Immediate aural feedback is used to indicate if your
answer was correct or not.

I believe that this site will be extremely useful for students to practice their
skills, but some of the aural tests are difficult to submit answers. I found
difficulty with the Tap the Rhythm tests because of the requirement of barring
the note values. The procedures were difficult to understand and the barring
tool did not work at all and the erase feature did not work consistently. It
seems that the questions are given randomly instead of in a progressive order
and the student is not given the chance to try the exercise again after
submitting the answer. I feel that if these issues are addressed and corrected,
this would be an excellent site to use in basic music courses in high school
and college.