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Construction of the Cell Membrane

Construction of the Cell Membrane

"The student will study the structure of the cell membrane by constructing it using the correct molecules." Learning object relevant to health sciences students studying nutrition, biochemistry and pharmacology.


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Jim Bidlack
Jim Bidlack (Faculty)
10 years ago

This is a very good site for those who learn visually. The animations were simple, but still made the material very clear and easy to understand.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 5 minutes
sylvia gonzález
sylvia gonzález (Faculty)
11 years ago

Material muy apropiado para alumnos de pre grado en las áreas de salud que necesiten comprender el funcionamiento y características de las células.

Jana Pownell
Jana Pownell (Content Developer/Instructional Designer)
11 years ago

This is a great resource and tutorial that I have used when reviewing cellular A&P with nursing students. This is not an area that we have much time to spend on, so students are instructed to use the tutorial to familiarize themselves with the structure and function of the plasma membrane.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 30minutes
Kathleen Williams
Kathleen Williams (Faculty)
12 years ago

This is a wonderful object. Thank you. Will use very soon in classroom.

Hsueh-Yung Chen
Hsueh-Yung Chen (Student)
12 years ago

It is a great site. I could include this tool in the lecture of cell membrane. The slices for introduction before the questions are kind wordy and long. But I like the assessment questions at the end. It helps students to recall the information introduced in the beginning. The visuals and animation with the game definitely help students to have a picture of cell membrane in their mind.

Madeline Hall
Madeline Hall (Student)
13 years ago
nice interactive, a little wordy I might have to require students to take notes to ensure they are reading.
Brandi Miller
Brandi Miller (Student)
14 years ago
Good visuals and animation...great tool for the cellular membrane and its components.
Linda Peterson
Linda Peterson (Faculty)
17 years ago
This is a very useful learning tool that is far better than any text book in
communciating concepts. I would like to work with Dr. Liang to add the most
important element which is the Na-K-ATPase pump which would allow the resource
to move to the cellular level permitting students to understand ion transport and
gradients. I found it very easy to use and think that students can learn this material on their own more efficiently than reading or listening to a lecture.
Used in course? Yes
Martin Poenie
Martin Poenie (Faculty)
18 years ago
Very Good, Lower level

Technical Remarks:

I believe that function of what cholesterol does is right but the depiction of
how cholesterol does it is not right. First, it lines up along the surface.
Second it keeps lipid tails straight preventing defect formation that allows
water soluble materials to pass through these transient defect pores.
Used in course? Yes
Jill Sackett
Jill Sackett (Student)
18 years ago
This site is great. I think any student who interacts with this page will come
away knowing more about cell membranes. I thought the images/pictures were
great. I also really liked building the cell membrane and throught the
questions were good. The site was easy to navigate, and the content was super.
I spent about 15 minutes browsing the site, but when I made up a worksheet to
go with it, I stayed on for about an additional 20 minutes.

Used in course? Yes
Brie Murphy
Brie Murphy (Student)
18 years ago
I found this website very interesting, easy to use and helpful with learning the
cell membrane. I enjoyed going through it myself very much.
Used in course? Yes