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The Prime Pages - Largest Known Primes

The Prime Pages - Largest Known Primes

An assortment of information on largest known primes including lists of examples. Sub-page of "The Primes Pages"


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fidel calvillo
fidel calvillo (Staff)
12 years ago
Fidel Calvillo: An integer greater than one is called a prime number if its only positive divisors (factors) are one and itself. For example, the prime divisors of 10 are 2 and 5; and the first six primes are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 and 13. The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic shows that the primes are the building blocks of the positive integers: every positive integer is a product of prime numbers in one and only one way, except for the order of the factors. This is great information in regards to what prime numbers are, i my self would really recommend this site for use to see what prime numbers are. I can trully understand what they are talking about in detail and step by step in what the largest prime numbers are.
Time spent reviewing site: I spent like thiry minutes and i already understand something i didnt understand before and now i can trully say that i can take the time to learn mathematics.
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee (Staff)
13 years ago
I think this website has a lot of good and interesting information. The first page gives an overview of different examples of large primes that could be understood by a general audience while many of the links provide more detailed and rigorous explanations. I think, however, with all the links that it is easy to get lost on this website. Also, although this is a fun and informative resource about primes, I'm not sure how one could incorporate this into the classroom environment.
Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Vince Cracchiolo
13 years ago
Using this website will definetly help you in understanding the subject you are learning. At first using this website it takes a coupple of minutes to navigate through, but once you are comfortable with it then the learning begins. This took me awhile to go through all the content about prime numbers. the website gives good definitions and explanations of prime numbers as well as examples. The website is very mathmaticaly friendly. you do not need to know the material before looking at it, the website explains everything.
Time spent reviewing site: 43 mins
Matt Imwalle
Matt Imwalle (Student)
18 years ago
Now I have a good general understanding of what primes are. I was scrolling down
the page then I saw the title "The Prime Page", so I clicked on it. I always
hear math teachers talk about primes and now, like I said above I have a better
understanding of what they are. I read through the website and even clicked on a
couple of the links that it had on there. I checked out all of the examples
that were on there and saw the top ten record primes with so many numbers behind
them it was mind boggling. This site is a good one for people who are learning
about prime numbers because it tells you what they are and then goes into
greater detail on them. the part that I liked the most was the links for the
onehundred largest known primes and the largest known prime of the year. this
software was not hard at all to use, all you got to do is follow the directions
and find an article that is interesting to you.
Used in course? Yes
Steven Vidal
Steven Vidal (Student)
18 years ago
After going through all of the information on this particular website I found
that it took me about twenty minutes to just go through all of the important
information. After reading through all of the important details to this website
I would go back and write down some examples that were given about a prime
number and all of the solutions that are there in a prime number. A really good
thing that I found about this website was that it always gave a good definition
about what a prime number really is, and what it is capable of doing through
I also found that the quality of the work and information was very useful
to me because now I have a full understanding of what a prime number is and what
it can do for basic math. I honestly thought that the concepts that were
displayed in the website were very meaningful and easy to understand. It was
fun to know that there are websites that display great information of what a
person is trying to understand and follow.
I strongly believe that if all students and other teachers go by what was
being stated in the website that it will be fun to learn for both parties. I
think that learning will be enhanced because of the simple fact that there is so
much information that can be found in this website about the prime number and
other facts and details as well. All of the infomation that was given to me in
this website will always help me to understand what I am trying to accomplish
for this particular subject in math. I also believe that other math teachers
should check this website out because it gives great examples and it shows great
detail to everything about the prime numbers.
In closing I believe that first time users will find this technique easy to
follow. I think that first time users will have no problems finding this
software because if you just follow the instructions there will be no problems
at all. I think that it will be easy for most first time usersbecause it only
took me about five minutes to get started on finding the site and to start
reviewing and going over all of the information in the website. This
information was fun to learn about and it will continue to help me in all my
areas of mathematics.
Used in course? Yes
Patricia Berry
Patricia Berry (Student)
19 years ago
What I found most interesting was that the largest known Primes are being found in 2003. The knoweledge of Primes has been around since Euclid and discovery are still happening. . The site gave the history and the math in a format that was easy to understand. I explored for about 20 minuutes or more.
Used in course? Yes
Downs (Student)
19 years ago
Although I enjoyed this page, and found it full of relavant information, I found
it difficult to understand at times, as I am not a math minded person. Due to
this difficulty to convey certian points at certian times, I gave it three stars
instead of four. This site had many cool explainations and links to different
essays that were helpful. All in all, I understand what the page was trying to
do, and can be used as a teaching tool if properly outlined and guited through.
Assal Shahnavaz
Assal Shahnavaz (Student)
19 years ago
I spent about 20 minutes reviewing this site its the many links. This site is
very detailed and complete in describing all aspects of prime numbers. The
introduction part of the site is very informing and has many details that help
in the understanding of the basics. The information presented on this site is
educationally significant because we learn about prime numbers at an early stage
in school but don't know the extent of them until we look further. The
information presented is a great source for teachers teaching and students
learning because the information is clearly explained with the right amount of
detail where both students and teachers can relate. This site has interesting
information making the information easier to understand, especially with the
many links to help guide the visitor through with greater insight. This site was
very easy to navigate some might get a bit confused bouncing back and forth
from each link but over all experienced users will have no problem at all.