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Maths Online

Maths Online

A collection of mathematics learning materials for high school and college students. It incudes several applets,.


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jake foraker
jake foraker (Student)
12 years ago
I spent a solid 25-30 minutes browsing through the material on "Maths Online" and using their many interactive JAVA applets. I also downloaded the software version of the material to my computer. I chose this site because of the interactivity. Who doesn't love to push buttons and see things move and shift in real time? From graphs, to quadratic equations to set theory, the material of Maths Online is pretty useful for multiple levels of students. The strong points of this site are the applets and their ease of use and understanding. The ability to input your answers or ideas into a live application has the potential to enhace learning on many levels. Many applets offer practice questions that allow you to check your answers, further showing steps to reach solutions. Some are quite useful, others are irrelevant to education, such as the "warp image" applet. Interesting, but not very educationally significant. I recommend it, with four stars!
Time spent reviewing site: 25-30 mins
Seamus Beall
Seamus Beall (Student)
12 years ago
I spent about a half hour on this page exploring the different types of math it described and explained. I'll admit, the use of the word maths(plural) caught my attention and let me know that most likely it was a foreign made website and thus perhaps could introduce a new and different perspective than I was used to. I spent most of my time inputting data on the Gauss distribution. I found it to be pretty helpful considering that particular concept was new to me. I think it would be pretty easy to use this website to explore new math concepts. There is; however, several grammerical errors that slightly bugged me, but after all it isn't an English teaching website.
Time spent reviewing site: one half of an hour.
Jessica Clifford
Jessica Clifford (Student)
14 years ago
I didn't click through the sponsored links on this page but i browsed through the links on the page referring to testing, help, and math aid for high school students. I would recommend this website for high school students or college students in lower math classes because it gives applications and web links to different aspects of high school math that kids tend to struggle with. It also offers self tests in multiple choice questions and application problems to aid in tutorials outside of class and homework. I this it is simple enough to be generally user friendly and very helpful for those kids who struggle in some of the basic concepts in algebra, trig., calculus and everything in between.