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Teaching Evolution: Online Course for Teachers

This is a great site where users will examine major evolutionary concepts, explore teaching methodologies, and address obstacles to teaching evolution.  There are many modules for this site, including topics such as the nature of science, Darwin's theory, human evolution, misconceptions about evolution, and teaching evolution....

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Shannon Fulp
Shannon Fulp (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago

Well developed website, and content.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes
Nancy J. Pelaez
Nancy J. Pelaez (Faculty)
17 years ago
I have taught this course on my campus about five times. Students who complete the work report the following
  1. Most earn perfect scores on the Concept Inventory of Natural Selection (CINS) from JRST Vol. 39 (10): 952-978, 2002, and
  2. most resolve any perceived evolution/faith conflicts for themselves and their students.

Technical Remarks:

For creating and sharing lesson plans, we are currently using KEEP Toolkit. The link shows the evolution lessons presented and discussed at the 2005 MERLOT International Conference in Nashville, TN.
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Floyd Saner
Floyd Saner (Administrator)
17 years ago
I found the section, "How to Deal With Controversy" very informative and well designed.

I suggest two books, by John Haught, for those who are interested in exploring the science-religion dialog in more depth. Haught's brief biography at states, "Jack (John) F. Haught is Landegger Distinguished Professor of Theology at Georgetown University. His area of specialization is systematic theology, with a particular interest in issues pertaining to science, cosmology, ecology, and religion."

Haught, John. God After Darwin: A Theology of Evolution. Westview Press, 2001. ISBN: 0813338786

Haught, John. Deeper Than Darwin: The Prospect for Religion in the Age of Evolution. Westview Press, 2003. ISBN: 0813365902

Two websites also worthwhile are Zygon Center for Religion and Science and Metanexus Institute.

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Susan Richard
Susan Richard (Faculty)
17 years ago
I have used this tool as both a student and an instructor. Needless to say, I
have spent many hours with this tool.
The content is very good and the website lends itself to be a very effective
tool to enhance learning and teaching. It presents concepts and models that are
educationally significant in many different formats, which I find to be very
efficient in learning and teaching. The presentations direct students through
the learning process and the material is arranged in a logical order that moves
students through their learning process at their own speed. The students have
access to the materials, as long as they are near a computer, and can go through
the material as many times as they need to understand. As a teacher, I found
that the material helped the students learn the material because of the many
different approaches it takes. The website uses video, pictures, discussion
based notes and activities based on real teachers experiences in the classroom
which makes it more personal to the students. There are also a lot of
additional resources that students can access to help them learn and that
teachers can use to enhance their teaching.
The material is very easy to use. I have a fellow teacher (math) who is, shall
we say, technologically challenged who went on to the website to review it for a
class that she was taking to finish her clear credential. Not only did she
enjoy the material and its organization (she went through all of the lessons)
but she learned a lot about evolution and has a better understanding of why
science teachers love doing what they do!

Technical Remarks:

I would suggest a faster connection (like DSL) to aid in viewing the videos. I
had no problems accessing any of the materials.
Used in course? Yes