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Learning Styles - Left or right brain dominance

Learning Styles - Left or right brain dominance

August 2016, The link has been corrected.

This site is not intended to provide research and testing on learning styles. Originally constructed as a Reusable Learning Object, it is rather an animation of the characteristics of left brain and right brain learning traits adapted from the work of Malcolm Knowles in his book, "The Adult Learner: A Neglected Species (1990, p 243-248)." It also includes sites of learning style inventories for...

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Connor Johnson
Connor Johnson (Staff)
5 years ago
I was able to use Merlot for a graduate level course in the field of higher education. This resource proved to be beneficial and incredibly applicable to to world of technology in an educational setting. I will further use merlot in future teaching endeavors.
Used in course? Yes
Stacy Springer
Stacy Springer (Student)
5 years ago

The animatiion learning object is no longer available.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 0
Dr. Joan McMahon
Dr. Joan McMahon (Faculty)
5 years ago
In August 2016, this link was updated.
Joddi Harkness
Joddi Harkness (Student)
8 years ago

Although there are a few broken links, I found this material to be rather useful and entertaining.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 30 mins
Morwesi Gumani
Morwesi Gumani (Student)
8 years ago
left brain or right brain
Melanie Weinstein-Zeolla
11 years ago

Very informative and interesting for students who are learing about learning styles.

Patrick Davis
Patrick Davis (Administrator)
11 years ago

There is quite of reading. From a student point-of-view, I doubt you will keep someone's attention. I believe this may be a graduate-level tool for a Psychology class. I would prefer to see more animation and/or more interaction.

Technical Remarks:

Left and Right Brain Inventories link is broken.

Time spent reviewing site: 45 minutes
Arianna Dorschel
Arianna Dorschel (Student)
12 years ago
This site offered self-assessment tools that can be used to characterize right and left brain functionality. The learning style sites that were used were useful, interactive and offered different styles of self-reflection. Although the sites did not go into too much scientific research in terms of the different learning styles, they did offer a brief introductory glimpse into the different styles and they were well organized. The learning tools that are offered on this site can be used with a wide range of audiences, varying from undergraduate students to graduate students. The materials offered on this site captured a nice visualization effect to the subject matter at hand. I believe the materials offered on this site would be great introductory tools to learning assessment.

Technical Remarks:

The 'Right and Left Brain Inventories' link did not open.
Dawn Giannoni
Dawn Giannoni (Consultant)
12 years ago
It appears the original intentions for usablity of this Web site meets the goals it was designed for and the intended audience. I think, it was designed with an intention to be "over-simplified" so as to lead students to resources like the Brain Dominance test and the Myers-Briggs preliminary quizzes and interpretations and to pique interest. I do not think it was the intention of the creators to make this a scientific resource, but one that can spark an interest for students about themselves, and to allow them to learn more about their learning styles and preferences. Often, this topic is something new college students have never really considered. I, like the author, teach an Academic Strategies course to first time college students, and the information they learn about their learning styles or preferences is often a real key to motivation and results in extending their approach to studiy habits. In this course, as in mine, the intention is not to provide an in-depth treamtment of understanding in detail of neuroscientific research and data. Taken from this viewpoint, and for the audiences intended this Web site is a great tool for new college students.

Technical Remarks:

I found all the links working except for one. It was certainly easy to navigate, and not a busy looking site--defintely desgined for both the right and the left brains out there!
Dawn Garippo
Dawn Garippo (Student)
15 years ago
I would have to agree that this is more pop psychology than a science. The lack of testing procedures was disappointing. The site boosted more than it actually produced. I was intrigued by the title and fascinated by the theories, but disillusioned by the content. It was fun to review as a one time visit, but for elaborate and informational purposes; I would suggest that the site be updated by some means of testing or questionnaire.
Rick Lamb
Rick Lamb (Faculty)
15 years ago
Right brain, left brain theory is more pop psychology than science. Indeed, the utility of identifying learning styles is questionable at best.
Deborah W. Proctor, Ph.D.
Deborah W. Proctor, Ph.D. (Administrator)
15 years ago
This resource promises more than it delivers. Two of the links were broken and of the links that worked did not work well and one would require a person to purchase a test.This may have been a good site at one time, but it needs updating.