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Who Wants Pizza?

Who Wants Pizza?

Contains student activities/fractions/teacher's page


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Octavia Little
Octavia Little (Staff)
4 years ago
This is a good site for students to use to practice fractions. It is interactive and provides answers quickly. I wish their were arrows pointing to the next page for ELL learners though.
Jane Moore
Jane Moore (Faculty)
10 years ago

This is a site that I recommend to my students all the time.  It's engaging and the math is strong.

Time spent reviewing site: 2 hours
Samira Bakr
Samira Bakr (Content Developer/Instructional Designer)
10 years ago

It is very interesting, easy to use. There are enough activities that cover most aspects of the lesson. 

Technical Remarks:

well organized

Denise Varela
Denise Varela (Faculty)
14 years ago
Loved the site.
brian stewart
brian stewart (Student)
15 years ago
I spent about 20 minutes on this site just browsing and looking at its contents and going through the activities. I definitely enjoyed what it created using the pizza in a common idea that the teachers use for it in a classroom setting. The site is has a lot of potential resources for students who could use a learning lesson of how to improve on basic fractions skills. In using the site in conjunction with traditional methods, it would enhance lesson currently in different services that are needed. In all the site navigations was not all that great but the site in general was very intresting.
Michael Frommann
16 years ago
After spending about 15 minutes navigating your website and partaking in the activities I would have to say that I enjoyed what you have created. Using pizza is a common idea that teachers use in their classrooms, so transitioning from a traditional lesson to this site would be seamless. I also believe that this site would be a tremendous resource for my remidial students who could use a "brush-up" on their basic fraction skills. Using this site in conjunction with traditional methods would certainly enhance lessons for my students currently enrolled in AIS services.

Technical Remarks:

The only concern I have is the ease with which the site is navigated. I myself find it easier when links to the table of contents, next activity, etc. vary in appearence from the remainder of the site (ex. using tabs as links). Other than that... excellent site!!!
Josie Vetter
Josie Vetter (Student)
16 years ago
This site is very appealing for children, what more interesting to learn with
than pizza? I believe that to actually learn class material, especially a fairly
new concept such as math, associating interests with the topic is of ample
importance. It is also helpful that the material being taught can be put to use
with the quizzes provided after. I definitely recommend this website as a
simple, interesting way of introducing fractions to children.
Used in course? Yes