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A Treatise on the Nature of Life

In the < For Literary Agents and Publishers > directory one will find a paper I have written which focuses upon the force propelling all life forms. My paper only "scratches the surface," and any type of constructive criticism of my treatise on the nature of life by people of your caliber would be welcomed.


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Don Peavy
Don Peavy (Faculty)
14 years ago
An interesting treatise on the nature of life. However, the work is written within the Judeao-Christian heritage and thus has limited appeal to the broad spectrum of religious studies. Those who seek some comfort in bridging the gap between faith and science will find it here. The illustrations are well done and quite helpful.

Technical Remarks:

The paper could use some editorial assistance. For instant, American is consistently presented as american.
Time spent reviewing site: Twenty minutes.
Kurt Hanson
Kurt Hanson (self-taught individual)
14 years ago
Please visit my Web site for how I've utilized my treatise into a most wonderful story, Dear Mergatroid ... And The Intentions Of Our Creator. The book will be published by iUniverse and should be on sale by October 2008.

Technical Remarks:

"Ok, class, ... raise your hand if you want to build robotic computer systems mimicking biological cognition ..."
Barbra Bied Sperling
Barbra Bied Sperling (Administrator)
17 years ago
In rebuttal to Bruce there, I saw the relationship first. And I saw the relationships I detail within my treatise without having cluttered my mind with a barrage of information a formal education would have brought upon me.

Some cannot see the forest from the trees.

Technical Remarks:

My story Dear Mergatroid contains a template, a conceptual blueprint within the Treatise on the Nature of Life that can theorize designs for the creation of prototype cognitive computers which mimic the living biological life forms. I like to think history will recognize my story Dear Mergatroid as the catalyst, the spark motivating generations of young people to the actual realization of this goal in a future United States of America.

That's all I'll say, for now.

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Bruce Stewart
Bruce Stewart (Faculty)
19 years ago
Unless I am mistaken, I see this site as having nationalist statements (e.g. the
slam on Arabs). Here is a direct quote from another page: "Fingerprints from
the Creator God are upon certain works within this website." The MERLOT
workshop in Oklahoma City this past spring (2004) prompted me to return to
MERLOT to take a second look. This site, however, makes me wonder if I am just
as likely to find useful resources on the general WWW. Screening needs to be
Used in course? Yes