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TV5: La francophonie en images

TV5: La francophonie en images

Video interviews with authors, musicians, politicians and famous figures throughout the Francophone world.


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Allison Pompeo
Allison Pompeo (Student)
6 years ago
I thought this site was very helpful, and relevant to what we were doing in class. It allowed me to hear interviews with important people in francophone culture.
Used in course? Yes
Sheila Turek
Sheila Turek (Faculty)
18 years ago
Reviewed: November 6, 2004
Overall Rating: 2.5
Category Ratings:
Content Quality : 2.5
Potential Effectiveness as a Teaching Tool : 2.0
Ease of Use for Students and Faculty : 4.0

Overview: For the intermediate and advanced student of French, this program
allows students to hear and watch extracts of interviews with various
Francophone personalities. No exercises are provided but students have the
opportunity to watch clips of various people around the world from the political
and artistic world.

Learning Goal(s): The user of TV5: La francophonie en images will develop
listening comprehension skills and a greater knowledge of different Francophone
cultural and political figures. This will help students increase vocabulary in
the target language and become more familiar with French culture and current

Target Student Population(s): Students with intermediate and advanced
proficiency in French.

Prerequisite Knowledge or Skills: Students must have the appropriate level
of French for listening comprehension of authentic video interviews.

Type of Material: Audio and video material clips.

Technical Requirements: A media player for audio and video; a new version
may need to be downloaded.

Evaluation and Observation
Rating: 2.5 Category: Content Quality

The content is accurate and culturally relevant. Each video clip is
identified so students know what to expect.

Weaknesses: There are, however, no activities, either before, during or after
associated with the video modules. The site would be improved if there were
comprehension questions included or at pre-viewing activities.

Rating: 2.0 Category: Potential Effectiveness as a Teaching Tool

This site could be used as a supplement to study on Francophone culture.


No activities associated with it; instructors would have to develop their own
activities to accompany viewing.

Rating: 4.0 Category: Ease of Use for Both Students and Faculty

It is easy to navigate through the site. Viewers can choose
personalities by region or specialty. Once the cursor is on a particular photo,
a short summary of the clip is shown.

Technical Remarks:

Moving around the site is fairly straightforward; however, I was asked to
download additional software (Real Player 10.5). When I clicked on a photo of a
personality, the video started right up but was in another window, and I was not
directed there but rather had to find the new window. This can be confusing and
lead to the notion that the site is not working properly.
Used in course? Yes