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This site provides flash animation and directions for common uses of the TI-83+. The text files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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Timothy E Mitchell
Timothy E Mitchell (Faculty)
2 years ago
This material gives student a excellent presentation of use of the TI graphing calculator. Although presented using TI83, that material presented can be used by TI83+, TI84, TI84 +. Material is given in both text and video form. The videos are well done. They are clear and all steps are given. I excellent resource for high school and college students in Algebra I, II , Precal, Statistics. Only topic not covered is matrices
Matt Seymour
Matt Seymour (Student)
13 years ago
I found this to be a really useful site because it gives many different examples (both text and video) that explain how to solve problems on a TI-83 calculator. I think it can be a very useful tool as those calculators can help students solve difficult problems in math classes.
Time spent reviewing site: 5 minutes.
GERRI GRAY (Student)
13 years ago
In the past few years, I have purchased several calculators. However, I do not like reading manuals, so I have never learned how to use them effectively. I was thrilled to find this informative site that provides clear and concise demonstrations of the various functions of the TI-83+ calculator. The audio and video qualities are excellent. The pace of the animations makes them easy to follow. The narration tells you exactly what to do. I was flabbergasted to find out that I had all this calculating power right under my fingertips. I think that every math teacher should make this site known to their students and require them to practice using the functions their calculators provide.
Nathanael DeVine
Nathanael DeVine (Student)
14 years ago
This is a great resource to all members of the mathematics and science world. In a day and age that is focused and reliant upon technology, the use of calculators in the classroom and in the workforce is greater then ever. I think that the instruction on how to properly operate the standard of calculators, the TI-83+, helps those who need to use them and even those who are supposed to teach others how to use them. The videos that are linked on this page are very effective and well done, with clear and concise instructions that I could not help but join in with on my own TI-83+ that I have no more then 6 inches from my keyboard. Bravo to the person who felt it necessary to teach us how to use the tools of the trade, it was greatly appreciated and needed!
Kristin Tranberg
Kristin Tranberg (Student)
14 years ago
In high school and college, I was told to get a graphing calculator. We would be expected to use the calculators during certain times. I could never figure out how to use the thing! This website shows you exactly how to understand and use a TI-83+ calculator. Because I found this page exciting, I spent a long time looking at it. I found the videos to me the most helpful. I could read the text version, to understand what I needed to do in order to make my calculator function properly, and view the video to see what buttons to press. The quality of this page is great. It's to the point, and shows me how to correctly use the TI-83+. If I would have known this site existed before, I probably would have used my calculator. Instead, I bought a cheaper, more simple one. This recommend this website to any teacher or student who needs to learn how to use their calculator. This site provides many examples, text to read, and videos to show you what to do. It made it simple, interesting, and fun! The site is very easy to locate, and use. Clicking the links either sends you to a video example or text on instructions. I guess what I'm getting at is.. THIS WAS A VERY HELPFUL SITE!