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Get Body Smart: Anatomy and Physiology

Get Body Smart is a fully animated and interactive online textbook about human anatomy and physiology, which is available for free. A tutorial with flash animations on the human systems; part of the Get Body Smart web site (by ConceptCreators, Inc.) called "An Online Examination Human Anatomy and Physiology." Includes skeletal system, musclular system, muscle tissue physiology, nervous system, circulatory system, respiratory system, urinary...

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Elizabeth Couch
Elizabeth Couch (Student)
1 year ago
This is a helpful resource!
Julie Evey
Julie Evey (Faculty)
4 years ago
Many areas under The Nervous System would be useful in many Psychology courses including Introduction to Psychology, Physiological or Biological Psychology, and Sensation and Perception.
Julianne Calvert
Julianne Calvert (Student)
6 years ago
I am a nursing student and was required to sign up with MERLOT and navigate around. I completed the nervous system exercise and quiz. I like the self-paced learning. The animations in the exercise were simple, which makes learning easier. The fact that the quiz isn't a pass or fail creates less anxiety. A good exercise
George Mateja
George Mateja (Faculty)
14 years ago
(Faculty) Good overall review of many difficult topics. The self-paced capability should encourage those students who need additional time to review a subject to use this site for review.

Technical Remarks:

Ease of use is a plus and should encourage the use of this site for a review.
Bruce Stewart
Bruce Stewart (Faculty)
15 years ago
I like the simplicity of the animations and the little quiz at the end. I have linked it from my "Notes on the Web" and will also give it a go in a class lecture.

Technical Remarks:

Loads moderately fast on a 56K phone line. I think my students would stick to it after they see what it has to offer.
Used in course? Yes
Kira Wennstrom
Kira Wennstrom (Faculty)
16 years ago
This site has nice, simple, attractive animation that is easy to navigate. My students love it and have spontaneously commented to me about it. I like to use it as a supplement to my regular lecture notes, and as something they can work with on their own at home to reinforce what they're learning in lab and lecture.