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12 Lead EKG Tutorial

12 Lead EKG Tutorial

An interactive multimedia learning activity for healthcare provider students wishing to enhance their knowledge of 12-lead EKG electrode placement on the human body.


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Kristen Nicole
Kristen Nicole (Student)
5 years ago
This is so helpful! Definitely also check out because that lets you quiz yourself too
Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes
Joy Michelle De Leon
6 years ago
EKG was one of the topics that I had a hard time mastering. This is a very helpful interactive teaching!
Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
Jaime Hannans
Jaime Hannans (Faculty)
7 years ago
It is helpful to have both the interactive ability to place leads, but also explanation about how the lead placement relates to the waveform produced. Early EKG learners may struggle with application of discussion about positive versus negative waveforms, without seeing/visualizing the waveform. Many in-hospital leads are not noted as Lead 1, 2, 3, and ground lead, but are often RA, LA, RL, LL which can be confusing for early EKG learners. Perhaps explaining the difference between 3-lead, 5-lead, and 12-lead could be beneficial.
Time spent reviewing site: 1 hour
Sheila Crook-Lockwood
8 years ago

The information is accurate and up-to-date; however, the only visual provided is a picture of a torso that the student can apply leads to. All the information is through audio. Visual learners will struggle with the presentation of the material. Unless the instructor/student has access to audio, this activity cannot be used.

Students need prior knowledge of the electrical conduction system of the heart.

Time spent reviewing site: 20min
Angelica L
Angelica L (Student)
9 years ago

Intuitive and interactive tutorial, the lesson was easy to follow. The presentation is precise and well organized, regarding the placement of the 12 Lead ECG.  Audio and visual interactive material assists in complete comprehension of lead placement. A comparison of the 12-lead ECG placement and 5-lead ECG placement was presented, as it is an essential skill needed in the healthcare field. Very effective teaching tool if the participant already has a basic knowledge of human anatomy. Targeted specifically to individuals working in the healthcare field. 

Technical Remarks:

It would be great if a method to pause or replay areas was provided for participants. 

Time spent reviewing site: 30 mins
Crystal Lane-Tillerson
10 years ago

Voice of narrator is very monotone. Would suggest some interaction capability while narrator is speaking (show what the narrator is referring).

Technical Remarks:

More should be done with technology available to promote interactivity. There is just one graphic that remains stagnant throughout the lesson.  

Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky
13 years ago
Very well done. A nice addition to my medical assistant class. Well received by students.
Used in course? Yes
Mercy Popoola
Mercy Popoola (Administrator)
13 years ago
Interesting. I appreciate the slow speed.
Ronald Wagner
Ronald Wagner (Faculty)
14 years ago
It would be nice if the user could start, stop, rewind, fast forward the audio. Content is accurate and presented very well, but the navigational elements of the tool are lacking.
susan warman
susan warman (Faculty)
15 years ago
Information is valuable and correct. The audio and the correct placement activity for a 12 lead ecg recording is entertaining. The activity has little to do with the actual 12 lead QRS configurations described in the audio and the ability to visualize the normal 12 lead ecg morphology.
David McOmber
David McOmber (Student)
16 years ago
This has helped me keep my memory and skills up to date