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E-Commerce Business Ethics Case Study

E-Commerce Business Ethics Case Study

Students will explore ethical decision making and current issues in e-commerce as they follow the developments of E-Kin -- a company started by graduate students. As E-Kin grows and delves into the world of e-commerce, the founders and executives encounter some tough decision making. The case study is presented in a multimedia format, with Flash movies which describe the company background, scenarios of busines ethics issues, and an overview of...

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Dr. L Blue
Dr. L Blue (Faculty)
2 years ago
As we prepare to offer an E-Commerce Business Ethics course in the fall, we are reviewing many materials, and this case study has great possibilities for student engagement and thorough discussion. Students can read the case studies and relate in-person or online using ZOOM or asynchronous. The professor can use the case studies by helping the students to relate to their situations and/or environments.
Time spent reviewing site: 1 HOUR and 1/2
Meica Hatters
Meica Hatters (Faculty)
8 years ago
The materials were well researched and appropriate for an introductory college course. I could imagine the case studies prompting spirited discussion and engaging students who are skeptical about an ethics course. The case studies were reasonable and believable. It is also important to mention that the site was well organized, easy to navigate, and the sites use of color and text to encouraged engagement. I also appreciated the resource links and deeper explanation of the case studies. I plan to use this resource in the future.
Ellen Beattie
Ellen Beattie (Faculty)
10 years ago

Each of 4 cases offers videos (and text transcripts) for students to review. Questions for discussion are included. Many of the ethical issues presented (e-commerce security, website credibility, privacy) will be interesting and relevant to students. A comprehensive list of links provide a starting place for student research and discussion.

Technical Remarks:

Text transcripts available for all videos.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Dr. R. Lee Viar IV
Dr. R. Lee Viar IV (Faculty)
12 years ago

While I am assembling my course itinerary for this fall session, I going to incorporate this as an exercise each week. I can foresee this generating some interesting discussions and I intend on forming groups to take varying positions of each of the classes presented.

Time spent reviewing site: 60 Minutes
Linda Mast
Linda Mast (Faculty)
14 years ago
Engaging use of case scenarios to apply ethical decision making.

Technical Remarks:

Use of technology including video clips and visual features adds to the quality of this material.
Prakash Menon
Prakash Menon (Faculty)
14 years ago
Good case studies. Currently teaching business ethics. If I get to teach e-business then this will be good information to have some case studies incorporated into the course.
James Falkofske
James Falkofske (Faculty)
16 years ago
This learning object is extremely well designed, engaging, and entertaining (especially the humorous names of the fictional employees). The 4 cases are directly relevant to ethical decisions in the current e-commerce environment. Although the issues are e-commerce related, the presentation would easily adapt to any course dealing with ethical decision making.

Technical Remarks:

The choice to do still-frame flash animation with audio was extremely wise, and the model would be easy to extend. I am very impressed with the choice of design and the parallel structures the materials in all four cases provided.
Terry Morris
Terry Morris (Faculty)
17 years ago
The students really enjoyed working on these case studies in groups. They
provided a chance for the students to apply their e-commerce knowledge to a new
Used in course? Yes