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The ChildTrauma Academy

CTA is a Community of Practice working to improve the lives of high-risk children through direct service, research and education. We recognize the crucial importance of childhood experience in shaping the health of the individual, and ultimately, society. By creating biologically-informed child and family respectful practice, programs and policy, CTA seeks to help maltreated and traumatized children....

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raquel delevi
raquel delevi (Faculty)
12 years ago
This is a good site where one can find useful information on child abuse and trauma. I would recommend this to students who are taking a class on Child abuse, neglect, and/or Trauma. It's also a great tool for teachers and clinicians.
Deb Morris
Deb Morris (Student)
19 years ago
I checked this site out twice, for a total of about 1 hour. This site is very
informative and insightful. I believe both teachers and students can both gain
from this website. First time users should have no trouble navigating around
this site.

Technical Remarks:

Appropriately, this site addressed concerns that children may have during
tragedies such as Sept. 11th. It gave some very practical advise on how to talk
to children about this type of crisis.
Alicia Budinger
Alicia Budinger (Student)
19 years ago
This site has excellent advice for helping a child deal with trauma, and
includes links on where to seek professional help. Students will be able to
learn easily from this site, and teachers will know that the information
students learn is valuable and accurate.

Technical Remarks:

First time users will be able to move around easily in this site.
Shannon Chanofsky
Shannon Chanofsky (Student)
20 years ago
1. I spent about an hour looking through this website. The site has two
extensive on-line classes that I looked through as well as discussion sites and
various resources for parents. The quality of the materials presented on this
site was outstanding and I found it to be clear, well written and very helpful.
I think that this would be a very effective teaching tool as well an important
resource for parents.

Technical Remarks:

The site was very well laid out. The combination of side bars and navigation
buttons at the top made it easy to reach all areas within the site.
Dina Burns
Dina Burns (Student)
20 years ago
1. I spent a while browsing through the materials this site provided. I read
through the first few pages of the first lesson and then browsed through the
lessons that followed. This site also provided assignments and quizes that I
looked over.

2. As far as I know the sites seems to have very accurate information and
provides much knowledge of childhood trauma- what it is, how it affects
children, and how to cope with it.

3. I feel that the information provided on this site would definetly enhance
students as well as teachers knowledge in this area. In fact this information is
designed for course use. The information provided allows students to learn and
explore information in this field, and feedback from the students will help
provide individual thoughts and experiences to the teacher.

Technical Remarks:

4. I found that accessing this information would be very easy and beneficial to
first time users.
Lorraine Guzzo
Lorraine Guzzo (Student)
20 years ago
This site gave valuable information regarding the Sept. 11 attack on the WTC.
Had sections for parents, children, and school employees which were very
helpful. There were free classes offered which sounded interesting, I believe
there was only a charge for books.

Technical Remarks:

I found the website to be very easy to use. Information was easy to find,
enrolling in classes was self-explanatory.
Roxanne Hunt
Roxanne Hunt (Student)
20 years ago
Ispent about 45minutes in this site. Going over the general details of what to
expect in the happenings of the world today. I understand more now then I did
before. I'm going to copy this and take it to our school and hopes that the
teachers can use this to help with the students who are having problems
understanding what is happening in our society today. I hope that at least this
artical can help one child to understand and not hate anyone who is different

Technical Remarks:

First time users will beable to understand this artical very well and its very
well organized.
Marcia Stone
Marcia Stone (Student)
21 years ago
I spent 21/2 hours on this site. I became a member and looked at all the courses
being offered. They are all proffesionallly done and offer much information. I
especially liked the article on The Neurodevelopmental Costs of Adverse
Childhood Events.

Technical Remarks:

I had no problems with the site and I feel first time users will have no
problems navigating it.