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Monochronic/Polychronic Self Test

Monochronic/Polychronic Self Test

This is a self test that can be downloaded (it is not interactive). It helps individuals understand their personal cultural preferences, with respect to both work style and management style. It could also serve as an indicator of how the individual might adapt in certain organizations and global regions. The concepts of monochronic and polychronic cultures are studied in most classes that have an international component. Participants are able to score their own results to determine where they fall on the continuum.


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Aruna Chandra
Aruna Chandra (Faculty)
14 years ago
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Susan Moncada
Susan Moncada (Faculty)
21 years ago
According to American cultural anthropologist Edward Hall, author of the book
"Beyond Culture," societies differ in two key ways: context and organization.
The Monochronic/Polychronic Self Test is a very useful in-class exercise that
can help students in an International Business class or Business Etiquette class
understand cultural differences associated with how societies organize time.
For example, monochronic culltures include the United States and Northern
Europe, whereas Mexico and Latin America tend to be polychronic. Understanding
cultural differrences is key to being able to successfully conduct business on an
international basis. To be used for research purposes, however, instructors
would need to ascertain the reliability and validity of the instrument.