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¡Conjuguemos! is a self-grading, self-timed conjugating and vocabulary-building program for learners of Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Latin. You can select which verbs to conjugate, what pronoun forms to conjugate them in, and the duration of your practice exercise. The basic tenses are present, preterite, imperfect, future, conditional, and the present and past subjunctive moods. Both the present and past progressive and perfect...

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Michele Webb
Michele Webb (Teacher (K-12))
9 years ago

Conjuguemos is a great resource for reviewing vocabulary and grammar. Vocabulary reviews are sorted by textbook and chapter and are easy for students to navigate. Grammar reviews are sorted by topic. Time limits can be set on vocab quizzes. 

Technical Remarks:

The "ignore accents" button does not always work.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 3 hours +
Alejandra Litterio
Alejandra Litterio (Faculty)
11 years ago

This is a very useful site for Spanish students of any level to practice grammar and vocabulary. It's an engaging site since students can work at their own pace, and get a feedback on their performance. Provided that all my students have a computer at home and that the activities are connected to the textbook we use in our class I assigned it as extra practice outside the classroom.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Amy Northrup
Amy Northrup (Student)
18 years ago
This site was a pretty good learning tool. It is not my favorite, but pretty
helpful. It is fairly easy to navigate through, and is all about verbs, which I
have the most trouble with. The site isn't the prettiest, but nonetheless, it
was a good site and I would recommend it to anyone needing help with their
Used in course? Yes
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith (Faculty)
18 years ago
I pretended I was one of my students in a SPA 101 class and did the regular
verbs present tense section and missed a few on purpose. I did get kind of
tired having to hit enter over and over, but I did like the immediate feedback
and the hands-on, written interactivity. This is a good drill and practice site
for learning to write and spell the verb forms. I also liked that the students
can either view, send, or print their score and I liked the define, conjugate,
and verb chart options for additional help. I plan to have my students try it
before their next test.

Technical Remarks:

The technology seems to be easy to use.
Used in course? Yes
Dwaine Fields
Dwaine Fields (Faculty)
18 years ago
I reviewed this site for possible use in my class (Each student has a computer).
Although the concept is worthy and the grammar is correct, I found having to
click the verification button after each response to be tidious.
I would, however, recommend it to students to use on their own to review.
Used in course? Yes
antonio serna
antonio serna (Faculty)
21 years ago
I used the preterite tense as a teaching-learning activity several times with my
class. Preterite Tense: excercises 7, 8 & 9 of the conjugation of preterite in
Spanish, present a good way for sts to practice the conjugation of past tense of
both regular and irregular verbs...Such exercises also give the sts the
opportunity to learn and to correct their mistakes while they are doing the
exercises...I think my sts really found the drills fun, challenging and a
different technique to acquire the language..Since I asked them to time
themselves, their comment was they prefer not be timed....
My only pedagogical sugesstion is that the drills seem to be out of context, it
would be great to present all the verbs either in a story or in a real context
so that the sts can see the applications of preterite tense in Spanish.

Technical Remarks:

The Web Site is easy and clear for users.
Laura Walker
Laura Walker (Faculty)
22 years ago
This comprehensive listing of on-line resources provides narratives in Spanish
related to the title indicated ranging from study sites to grammatical
information. It includes information which students could investigate on an
independent basis and according to interest. The graphics and pictures are
attractively displayed.

Technical Remarks:

Video clips and interactive components would be a welcome addition.
Margarita Esparza Hodge
22 years ago
This site is a very practical site for Spanish language students enrolled at
any level. The drill and practice tutorial covers most verbs used in Levels I -
III of secondary levels, and the four semesters of elementary and intermediate
college courses. The site allows students to maneuver easily, and the pull-down
windows help students to memorize the verb meanings, and drill whatever verb
tenses a learner needs. I especially like the positive reenforcement of
"Receive a grade of A+." on the first page! It is a great drill written by a
truly creative and dedicated professor!