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Charging And Discharging A Capacitor

Charging And Discharging A Capacitor

Examine how electrons flow within a circuit consisting of a capacitor and battery using this tutorial. Visitors can throw a virtual switch to connect the circuit and observe the battery charge the capacitor. Once the capacitor is fully charged, the switch can be reversed to discharge the capacitor.


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Robert Sporken
Robert Sporken (Faculty)
18 years ago
Nice graphics, very easy to use, but nothing quantitative to learn. The flow of charges during
discharge is misleading. I would like to see 1) a resistance in series with the
capacitor, and 2) a display of V and/or I vs. time.
Used in course? Yes
John Walkup
John Walkup (Staff)
21 years ago
Outstanding! This simulation shows the user how charge flows in a circuit
containing a capacitor. The user then understands why the capacitor charges,
and why it discharges once the EMF is removed. Very nice graphics and smooth