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Ojala que llueva cafe

Ojala que llueva cafe

A guided-reading selection in Spanish based on a song by Dominican artist Juan Luis Guerra, optional translation provided, related isolated practice provided for subjunctive with interactive responses. The multimedia and culture- based visuals make this a very versatile and engaging educational tool. A colorful photo gallery of Dominican scenes enhances the module....

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Alicia Merino Gamboa
Alicia Merino Gamboa (Teacher (K-12))
2 years ago
I love this melody, the resource sound good, im gonna to see more close it :) Regards
Stella Economou
Stella Economou (Faculty)
18 years ago
Interested in researching websites that enhance the teaching of modern
languages, I came across a series of nine well-constructed "Study Modules"
by Barbara Kuczun Nelson designed to enhance the teaching of Spanish on the
intermediate and advanced levels. After exploring the nine independent
tutorials for an hour, I found the material to be engaging and linguistically
and culturally authentic and accurate. The summary sheet that introduces the
"Grammar Exercises" is particularly helpful in providing nine visuals which
introduce the nine modules. Nine brief abstracts are also included. In
addition, there is a list of numerous links on the right hand side of the page
which provide for additional practice in the 36 most popular Spanish grammar

Highlights of the popular module entitled "Ojala que llueva cafe" are
reminiscent of effective strategies used in presenting intensive, developmental
reading lessons in Spanish. They include:

1. Lyrics of the song "Ojala que llueva cafe" ("If only it would rain coffee" by
the Dominican artist, Juan Luis Guerra, including verses in standard and
regional Spanish with a helpful English translation.
2. User-friendly links including visual clues to provide for a multisensory
approach to the clarification of the more difficult lexical items
3. External links to additional grammar exercises, a visually and culturally
stimulating "galeria de fotos" and "un analisis de la cancion"; all of which
are interactive and engage the student more actively by motivating the learning
of the content material
5. Inclusion of a learning-style questionnaire
6. Use of a variety of teaching strategies designed to maximize student
interactivity, participation and learning (e.g. thought provoking questions to
check comprehension and assess linguistic and cultural proficiency;
self-correcting grammar exercises that can be forwarded to the teacher for
feedback, etc.)
7. An opportunity to exchange experiences with other language teachers online

The design of this program also allows the teacher and learner the flexibility
to focus on one module or consider the potential use of all nine modules as a
supplement to enrich the learning experience in an intermediate or advance
Spanish language class.
This well organized and creative website provides a variety of worthwhile
opportunities to enhance students' listening, reading and writing skills. It is
obvious to the user that thousands of skilled and thoughtful hours went into its
preparation and design so that the learning environment is interesting,
helpful, user-friendly and relevant. I look forward to recommending it highly to
my colleagues and students.

Technical Remarks:

The materials in this resource are fairly easy to access and navigate once
an email address and password are established. Quick Time is required to access
the musical selections and taped interview on "El dia de los Muertos" with Celia
Sandovar from Quito, Ecuador. The user interface is multisensory, interactive,
helpful and intuitive for both instructors and students.
Used in course? Yes
Ruth Markulis
Ruth Markulis (Administrator)
15 years ago
This Web site is very effective instructionally and a lot of fun! It has comprehensive information organized with very clear navigation. The site features a song in Spanish. When you click on a word in the song a "flash card" picture of the object of a definition pops up. There are also very clear interactive grammar exercises and a link to a learning styles inventory. The fun is equal to the learning.
Almudena Alonso
Almudena Alonso (Faculty)
7 years ago

Pura Práctica y ejercitación

Ana Ormeño
Ana Ormeño (Faculty)
9 years ago

Una original forma de enseñar el idioma, que sin duda los alumnos disfrutarán..

Gracias por compartirlo.

Kay Ziemer
Kay Ziemer (Teacher (K-12))
10 years ago

Students enjoy the merengue music and it makes learning subjunctive mood less intimidating for them.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: Have used many times!
Ingrid Haydee Bascur Valladares
10 years ago

Faltó letra de canción

Patricia Klapp Puchi
10 years ago

Muy buen material

Time spent reviewing site: 10 min
rene antonio hernandez arevalo
10 years ago

Es una obra entretenida, que permite un analisis muy propio al respecto y genera una apertura a diferentes directrices de entendimiento, aplicable y comoda para el lector

Technical Remarks:


Time spent reviewing site: NO DETERMINADO
isabel aguirre silva
10 years ago

Buen material para introducir a la cultura de este país.

Time spent reviewing site: 5 minutos
Beatriz Carramolino
11 years ago

Educational Material for the learning of the Spanish Language Grammar and vocabulary.

Positive:The content is really well designed, it is useful for the learning of spanish grammar, vocabulary starting from a simple resource. Furthermore, it is a playful activity that promotes the learning.

Issues that I think that could be improved: I would visibilize the level to which this resource is devoted. It contents difficult words.

Technical Remarks:

It has a simple and pleasant interface, it is easy to navegate.

Time spent reviewing site: 6 minutes
Veronica Janes
Veronica Janes (Teacher (K-12))
11 years ago

I wish I had come across this website sooner - I used this song in class a few weeks ago, but had to download and purchase the song, search for the lyrics, and I wasn't ready to teach subjunctive (but I will definitely use this page when I am!).  We used this in a Fluent Speakers class where we studied the Dominican Republic.

Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes (more to come!)
Marcela León Bernal
11 years ago

Me parece un excelente material para aplicarlo en la sala de clases y desarrollar con él la comprensión lectora en los alumnos. El hecho que utilice letra de canciones conocidas y "pegajosas" hace que la actividad sea más entretenida.

Es una actividad integradora, pues permite verificar vocabulario, redacción, lectura, análisis crítico y manejo instrumental del idioma

Technical Remarks:

El sistema para ingresar a las páginas es amigable

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site:
Mariano Zaro
Mariano Zaro (Faculty)
11 years ago

Este trabajo usa la canción "Ojalá que llueva café en el campo" de Juan Luis Guerra para practicar el subjuntivo. Se trata de una manera amena de mezclar cultura y gramática. Había utilizado la canción el en pasado pero en esta página hay muchas actividades más que puedo añadir a las que yo tenía.

noreen la piana
noreen la piana (Faculty)
11 years ago

It was good, but I couldn't get the song to play.

quality of content - 4

I would describe the pictures.

potential effectiveness - 5

ease of use - 5

Technical Remarks:

I couldn't get the song to play.

Time spent reviewing site: 10
Alejandra Litterio
Alejandra Litterio (Faculty)
11 years ago

This website clearly shows a well-organized and attractive instructional material, a perfect combination of interactive exercises and fun. I used it in my ESL Spanish class to practice the subjunctive and reinforce grammatical concepts taught in a previous lesson. The use of visuals helped my students to contextualize the song.

Technical Remarks:

Flash Player

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Camellia Okpodu
Camellia Okpodu (Faculty)
12 years ago

I like the way that language is being used to incorporate botantical and ecological concepts.  The learner can click on the hyperlinks to get more information and technical support for the lesson.  I am not fluent in spanish but see this as a way of intergrating language into my botany class.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes reviewing site.
Maria Luisa Castro
12 years ago
Me ayudo a aprender espagnol.
Cathy Swift
Cathy Swift (Administrator)
12 years ago
Realmente me encantó cómo los ejercicios se organizaron. Creo que ayudó a mis estudiantes una reseña las diferentes maneras de ver la aparición del subjuntivo.

Technical Remarks:

Hay que usar Flash para ver los videos
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 1 hora
Mark Rieger
Mark Rieger (Administrator)
14 years ago
great resource for practicing Spanish in a fun way
Emma Miliani
Emma Miliani (Faculty)
14 years ago
Great tutorial. Attractive and appropriate for college and high school intermediate students, good exercises for the subjunctive and beautiful photos. Although instructions are in English I will recommend it to my Italian students of Spanish. I found the word “prognóstico” in exercise 8 Verbs of doubt and certainty. This word does not appear in the RAE dictionary nor in the RAE corpus.

Technical Remarks:

The page has a new URL: You can listen to the song at
Maria Luisa Eiffler
14 years ago
It has a good variety of activities useful to the students. The use of picture helps to contextualize the song.
Nancy Whitman
Nancy Whitman (Faculty)
15 years ago
Wide variety of information using music and visuals to reinforce grammatical concepts. Many links to real world sites.

Technical Remarks:

Easy use of buttons, a map to point out where the artist and song is from. Diacrital marks didn't come up on my home computer when I did an assignment to be emailed to the professor.
Maggie McCullar
Maggie McCullar (Student)
15 years ago
I really loved how the exercises were organized. I think it helped my students review the different ways we see the appearance of the subjunctive.
Used in course? Yes
Mary Jo Arns-Radaj
Mary Jo Arns-Radaj (Faculty)
15 years ago
I have sent my students to this site for years since it has a little of everything for every type of learner. Cultural material is wonderfully integrated with Language instruction.
Used in course? Yes