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Scott Swayze
Scott Swayze (Student)
21 years ago
After looking for a few days at a variety of sites I found using Merlot, I
became focused on the Child Development Institute site for many reasons ...

1. Not many sites can really educate an expecting couple like this site does.

2. The information is very straight forward manner.

3. Many specifics like learning styles and childhood disabilities are great
resources for parents, teachers, and all who desire to experience ythe creation
of life and children of a young age.

4. I also enjoyed playing with the section of the site (pop-up screen) where
mothers can track their child's progress depding on the child's due date (being
a male ... it seemed especially foreign and interesting at the same time.)

5. The visual trip you can take of your child's mind.

6. The two sites concerning the naming of your child are also important
rresuourced for young couples. and

7. Areas like Erikson's stages of development info. set out specific information
that is clear and concise.

Poor areas ... Things that need work:

1. There may be too much information for this one site. I sometimes found
myself lost because many of the link take you to sites that seem similar but are
really only different in small ways. This can sometimes make things confusion.
Maybe creating categories and giving each sub-topic an area of its own. May
allow for better organization.

Technical Remarks:

1. all the links seemed to be functional, even though there were many
Teacher Education Editorial Board
21 years ago
This item will be reviewed by the Teacher Education Editorial Review Board. 65

Patrick Orr
Patrick Orr (Student)
21 years ago
Overall I spent over an hour reviewing the material and believed it to be quite
uselful for educating parents and those expecting to be parents. I think that it
would be very effective at teaching those who want to learn more about child
development because the website is well set up. There are no flashy pictures or
music to keep people interested, but parents will not be bored if they are
concerned about their children. I would recommend this website to anyone that
has children so that they can learn more about their child. It's easy to
navigate and has an overwhelming amount of information. There are even many
links on each major topic to do
additional research if necessary, but the information provided should be
adequate for most parents.

Technical Remarks:

This website was extremely easy to use. There was no membership or logon to
deal with and also it did not require any plugins or special programs. It was
easy to navigate and most people should not have any problems with this website.

Cheryl Meneilly
Cheryl Meneilly (Student)
21 years ago
I spent at least 2 hours looking through all of the different information, the
qaulity of the information was good, and it was significant. It could enhance
teaching because it was on language development so teachers may be able to more
effectively teach knowing the information that was presented.

Technical Remarks:

I think that it was pretty easy to use, I don't think that first time users
would have any major difficulties that they couldn't get around on their own.
Donna Couture
Donna Couture (Student)
21 years ago
Terrific recources for parents. I like the chat area where you can actually
talk to a child psychologist. I also like the polls. The issues covered are
just what parents need. The bedtime poll helped me convince my children that
everyone does have bedtimes...besides them.
Maura Scanlon
Maura Scanlon (Student)
21 years ago
This site was put together great. It was easy reading and something you don't
get bored with. I was in the site for approximately 1 1/2 and found the
information well worth my time. Great reaserch information for papers.
Meta Mangulis
Meta Mangulis (Student)
21 years ago
I enjoyed reading the information presented at this site. The information is
presented in a straight forward manner and keeps the readers attention.
Albrecht (Student)
21 years ago
I have spent about a half an hour researching on this web site. I feel the
quality of this site is very good, I believe it is easy to read, and understand.
I believe this site on child development is very crutial for me to
understand, for I am learning to become an elementary teacher, and this is very
significant to me. I believe this has a lot of potential effectiveness, and I
believe anyone could learn from this.

Technical Remarks:

I don't recall any technical difficulties when researching this web site. I
really enjoyed learning about language development.
Nicole Rymar
Nicole Rymar (Student)
21 years ago
Great web site. I spent about a half hour reviewing the material but could have
spent much more. It contains so much information that could be useful to many
people especially expecting mothers and what they can expect in their child's
development. The website was professionally done and provides much educational

Technical Remarks:

Easy to use website with clearly marked and functional links.
Robin Gregory
Robin Gregory (Student)
21 years ago
I think that this is a great site for information especially for childhood
conditions. The info is very easy to understand. You can go and find detailed
information on a subject of interest.

Technical Remarks:

The site was very easy to navigate even for the first time users. Every section
that I visited was in working order, and without delays.
Jill Potter
Jill Potter (Student)
21 years ago
This site offers a great deal of information on many topics concerning children.
From topics as disorders, parenting tips, learning styles to different types of
development and health and saftey issues. There is a broad range of information

Technical Remarks:

This site was easy to navigate. The headings and subtopics are clearly seen and
understood. The information is presented in an easily comprehendable way.
Cyndy Otty
Cyndy Otty (Student)
21 years ago
I found this site to be very informative. It was easy to use, which is always a
plus. Covering a great many topics (and not falling into too much psychology
"wordiness") it would be a great resource for a student or teacher on almost any
topic within child development. While not really a site that seems to stress
active learning, it was still very interesting and informative and provided a
great many links to other resources.

Technical Remarks:

Very user-friendly and easy to read. Didn't find any trouble running the site,
though add banners kept popping up after some links, which was annoying
heather staring
heather staring (Student)
21 years ago
This site was great. I spend 25-30 minutes browsing reading different reference
materials and taking the tests. (test your baby-making knowledge and others.)
The only problem I had with the site was that it helps find daycare in your area
without telling any negative effects of daycares and babysitters. Site is easy
to browse and should be bookmarked on any prospective parents browser.
Ellen Weintraub
Ellen Weintraub (Student)
21 years ago
I felt that this site was very informative and is a good site for obtaining lots
of new facts