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Basic Financial Statements

Basic Financial Statements

This is a series of "lectures" that describe the concept of double entry accounting, the balance sheet and the income statement. Students can read through the lectures, see examples, and take practice quizzes.


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Brenda Canning
Brenda Canning (Faculty)
9 years ago
I will be teaching Financial Management in the fall and feel this is a great review as they generally seem to forget everything learned in their previous accounting courses. I agree, with the previous comment regarding debits being listed before credits. In practice the debit is always listed first. I selected none of the above for the cost of materials question on the double-entry accounting quiz as I would have put it in some type of inventory account - possibly raw materials. As it should be classified as an asset and expensed when the final product is sold. However, I am quite certain that my students would not pick up on either. Despite the minor issues listed above, I am looking forward to utilizing the review in my course.
Paul Koulakov
Paul Koulakov (Faculty)
11 years ago

Enjoy the fact you can move mouse over item and definition pops up. this is a helpful reminder .

Abbie Gail Parham
Abbie Gail Parham (Faculty)
12 years ago

I think this would be a great review tool for students.  Two comments on the self study quizzes

(1) We teach that debits are recorded first, followed by credits.  Multiple choice quiz answers include the credit portion followed by the debit. 

(2) Materials purchased for use in production are not debited to materials expense but to material inventory.  This concept may not have been covered yet but the inforamtion is incorrect.


Technical Remarks:

Easy to use.  No specifc technical skills needed.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes
Connie Fajardo
Connie Fajardo (Faculty)
20 years ago
This will be a good material for self-study.