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Mini-cases from Lockheed Martin

Mini-cases from Lockheed Martin

These are a series of 20 mini-cases that concern ethical dilemmas in business. The game was designed to educate the employees of Lockheed Martin (and other high tech corporations that have adopted the game) about ethical norms, corporate support for coping with ethically significant problems, and corporate policy. Each mini-case is accompanied by four candidate answers and each of these answers has a score between -20 and +15 and a brief...

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Francis Maffei
Francis Maffei (Faculty)
11 years ago

I liked the concept of simple, straightforward ethical situations that allow the learner to identify a situation then to provide a response.  I would probably rate this material higher if I had actual usage in a classroom or business environment. The individual mini-cases were very factual and are focused on everyday occurrences in the business setting.

Technical Remarks:

I had no technical issue and mini-case series was relatively easy to open and progress through. Did not see the need for any special technical skills, hardware, or software.

Time spent reviewing site: 5 minutes
Phil Burian
Phil Burian (Faculty)
13 years ago
Very nicely done. If fact, this is better than some of the interactive implementations that we currently use for internal ethics training. Might want to rethink the scoring since some organizations have specific policies (right answer, wrong answer).

Technical Remarks:

Some of the longer case studies could be broken up into smaller pieces and would still be effective.
Michele Fritz
Michele Fritz (Faculty)
18 years ago

I looked at these materials and tried the mini cases to test my knowledge. I found that the interactivity really would allow students to gain an understanding of key concepts such as "conflict of interest" much better than a textbook. The explanations for the ratings provided are rational and well thought out.

I am strongly considering using this material with a homework assignment to enhance my ethics lecture in an introductory business course.

It is important to note that there is a very broad array of longer ethics case studies as well, which may be useful for upper division students. (I saw one which was 70 pages...)

Technical Remarks:

The site is very easy to use: read and click. If you start examining the longer case studies you may find it hard to get back to the mini cases.

Some of the longer cases are more technical in nature, and contain technical jargon.

Used in course? Yes