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AmoebaWeb: Developmental Psychology

This site has educational and informational links pertaining to every aspect of normal and abnormal human development.


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Suzzanah Bessette
Suzzanah Bessette (Student)
20 years ago
I spent about 40 minutes reviewing this site. It is very easy to navigate and is
quite informative. It includes all stages of development and would be a great
source for anybody interested in developmental psychology. It would also be a
good material for teaching.
Kelly Perlmutter
Kelly Perlmutter (Student)
21 years ago

I really enjoyed this website. I found it to be very informative offering
psychological websites on a variety of issues and concerns. I chose prenatal
develoment and looked up a webstie called life before birth. This website
offered alot of information,from prenatal memory and learning to early parenting
including marteral emotions. I found it quite interesting to read about the
influecne that music and prenatal sounds have on the fetus. I think that this
website was very informative and education for anyone that is interested in
child development.

Technical Remarks:

I experienced no technical problems while viewing this website.
Laura Jacquays
Laura Jacquays (Student)
21 years ago
Generally a good site that was pretty interesting, I took about 10 minutes going
throughthe information. I tink that college level students will learn from this
Nancy Schneider
Nancy Schneider (Student)
21 years ago
The material and information found in this site is useful and informative. I
spent about 20 minutes reviewing this site. I found the site a little boring and
I don't think it will be that effective in "learning" but rather researching.

Technical Remarks:

The site is simple to use and provides quick information.
Jessica Napoli
Jessica Napoli (Student)
21 years ago
Excellent website. It contains numerous links to nearly every aspect of
developmental psychology. Excellent teaching resource, very easy to use.

Technical Remarks:

Links clearly defined and easy to use.
Maurice Tucker
Maurice Tucker (Student)
21 years ago
This site tells you about abnornal and normal behavior of children.It gives you a insight on how children act.The site is educational and extremely user friendly I definately think that first time users would not have any problem wuing the site.It gives you links also to other sites.

Technical Remarks:

The website itself was developed by professionals.On a technical standpoint I think that it was well put together.
June Tristram
June Tristram (Student)
21 years ago
This site has links to seemingly every aspect of human development, normal or

Technical Remarks:

Fairly simple site to navigate.