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e-Tutor has developed a free template for writing instructional lessons. Those who write lessons for e-Tutor will receive a $25 stipend and access to their lesson for themselves and students. LessonPro has been developed as a vehicle to increase participation by teachers and their students in the teaching-learning process over the Internet. E-Tutor has made it easier for students to access lessons written by their teachers at LessonPro. The teacher's last name and school zip code or lesson ID and password are all that is needed to access lessons. Those who have fully completed a lesson that is accepted for use by e-Tutor will receive $25 in cash and entry into the e-Tutor Circle of Writers.


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Donna Gaughan
Donna Gaughan (Faculty)
16 years ago
1. I examined Lesson Pro and "tried it on for size". I found Lesson Pro to be
quite comprehensive and user friendly.
2. Lesson Pro does accurately present concepts and models which are
educationally significant. Interestingly, this model is quite similar to a
course management system which we use for our community college online students.
The idea that secondary school students have access to a similar learning
environment is great! By offering such a program for individual teacher
development, helps teachers to "go outside" of the face to face classroom and
enter the world of the internet. The teacher would be able to reach a larger
population and if used in an individual course, the teacher could reach his/her
students---outside of the classroom. In addition, exposing younger students to
the internet will only promote earlier development of computer skills for future
3. Student learning and faculty teaching will definitely be enhanced (as stated
in number 2). To expand on #2's answer, Lesson Pro can save "classroom" time
for other things-group discussins/projects/presentations/etc. Finally, once the
teacher has "set up" the course material within Lesson Pro, it doesn't need to
be continuously updated--unless there is new mandatory material to be used.
4. Personally, I found Lesson Pro very user friendly and extremely
comprehensive for a novice computer user. It is not necessary to have extensive
program knowledge nor extreme knowledge of technical language to use Lesson

Technical Remarks:

As stated before, the Lesson Pro is extremely user friendly. If the teacher
already has a lesson plan created, basically, it's just cut and past from
Used in course? Yes