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DNA Structure

DNA Structure

A 3-dimensional, interactive, animated nonlinear tutorial on the structure of DNA. The user can choose among several views and/or display the various components of the DNA molecule in 3-D! Illustrates the double helix, hydrogen bonds, base pairing. Zooms in to single base pairs. Animations simulate replication, identify codons, complementary mRNA sequences, and amino acids coded for. Also highlighted: backbone traces, antiparallel strands,...

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Fadia Orlandi
Fadia Orlandi (Teacher (K-12))
4 years ago
Very clear images and the breakdown is great. Very good site to learn about DNA. Thank you!
Jim Bidlack
Jim Bidlack (Faculty)
10 years ago

This site is very good for learning about the structure of DNA.

Technical Remarks:

There are no technical requirements.

Time spent reviewing site: 7 minutes
Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor (Faculty)
11 years ago

great site to show parts of DNA structure. I spend 30 minutes on the site and plan to use it during my biology lectures

Hsueh-Yung Chen
Hsueh-Yung Chen (Student)
12 years ago

This is a good website for the teacher to show the students that the 3D structure of DNA. I spent about 20 minutes reviewing this site. I could use this to teach the topic of DNA structure in a Living Environment class. The students can be benefit from the model by fully understanding the structure of DNA. nitrogen bases pairing, double helix, etc.