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MicrobiologyBytes - Principles of Molecular Virology

An on-line companion to the virology textbook, Principles of Molecular Virology. Includes brief materials for 4 of the 8 chapters and is housed on Dr. Cann's weblog on virology pathogensis.


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Teresa Wolfe
Teresa Wolfe (Faculty)
6 years ago
This site no longer has the entire virology text posted. It is only a companion to the textbook, which is not free. The companion materials are only for 4 of the 8 chapters, but are housed on the author's personal virology weblog.
Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor (Faculty)
11 years ago

great history on virology (with their virology time machine). Which they had more information on current viruses

Laurieann Casey Klockow
13 years ago
While this site provides an accurate broad overview of virology, it is not a comprehensive intro to virology. However, it provides a fascinating historical prospective on the discovery of viruses, which I have used to introduce the concepts of vaccination in a general biology laboratory course. The online experiment to determine the titer of a viral preparation could be potentially useful- however, an educator would need to cover concepts such as: influenza, titer, haemagglutination, antigenic type, and how these fit into the broader topic of immunology to students before they use this virtual experiment.

Technical Remarks:

easy to use
Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes
Judith Kandel
Judith Kandel (Faculty)
22 years ago
There is no need to have your students purchase a textbook with this site
available, since it is based on a well written published text and has many
advantages over its source material. The site is attractive, easy to navigate
and the author has kept the material current. There are plenty of full color
illustrations, and relevant links (including a search engine) are present for
each topic. There is a nice balance between discussions of molecular and
medical/epidemiological virology. The biggest disadvantage is that one either
has to read from the screen or print a large volume of material. In addition, most
of the material addresses animal viruses, although one can access material on
bacterial and plant viruses. I have used this site as the reference/background text
for my class since 1997 and the students prefer it to purchasing an expensive book.
Lawrence Roberge
Lawrence Roberge (Faculty)
21 years ago
I reviewed this site for 30 minutes. The quality of the content was very good.
It followed a course set up by the instructors. It appeared to be easy to
navigate for those taking the course. As for those generally interested in
virology, it was good and relatively straight forward. The associated links
were helpful and yet not too cumbersome (i.e. not too confusing or distracting).
The user interface was in general, easy to understand.

Technical Remarks:

It might be useful to have some streaming media effects added-e.g. viral
infection of a cell or nucleic acid replication with in the cell). But, this
web site was excellent for those with a 56K modem.
The first time user should find this site easy to use.
Matthew Badtke
Matthew Badtke (Faculty)
12 years ago

Nice summaries of various aspects of virology, with unique illustrations included.