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How PGP Works/Introduction to Cryptography

How PGP Works/Introduction to Cryptography

Description of important issues relating to cryptography for high security communications over the Internet. Includes 12 diagrams.


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Ralph Westfall
Ralph Westfall (Faculty)
20 years ago
This site is based on chapter 1 in a document called Introduction to Cryptography, which is included in the documentation for PGP software (see technical remarks below). The site provides information, with diagrams, on how encryption and decryption work. It explains various forms of cryptography including public key cryptography which is used in the PGP software.

The site also discusses other security features useful in electronic commerce, including digital signatures and digital certificates. This latter material is relatively detailed and may not be of interest to a student who is more interested in cryptography than e-commerce.

Technical Remarks:

PGP (pretty good privacy) is encryption software for securing e-mail communications. It is available in a free, public domain version for personal use as well as in a commercial version.