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Virtual Cardiology Lab

Virtual Cardiology Lab

In this simulation you examine three patients with heart trouble using various diagnostic devices plus interviews with the patients to diagnose the problem with their cardiac system.


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Yosefa Joy Pessin
Yosefa Joy Pessin (Health Care Professional)
13 years ago
As an educator and sonographer, I have noticed an error in your presentation...

Technical Remarks:

Very cute material, but I need to point out as an echocardiographer, that one of your 4 chamber views is incorrectly labelled. The right and left sides of the heart are inverted. You can see a moderator band in the image, and the Ventricle is smaller than the opposite ventricle, yet it is labelled the LV. It should be the RV on the left side of the screen , and it should be attached to the RA. The right sided chambers on the screen are the LV and LA. Please correct this error.
knox (Student)
18 years ago
I incorporated this site into a lesson for high school anatomy/physiology
students. The content of this site was great. The site incorporated many
different learning styles including: reading, visual, and auditory. This is a
good lesson to use when reviewing the respiratory and circulatory system. It is
also a good review of certain concepts in genetics; inheritance and pedigrees.
Students enjoyed the interactive experience and they got to apply their
knowledge to real life situations. The quizzes on the site reinforce learning
by making sure the students have read the supplemental material. The materials
were fairly easy to use and each screen had step by step instructions posted.

Technical Remarks:

Sometimes the site was extremely slow, but this may be due to Internet
connection speed. Also, sometimes the instructions in the Virtual Cardiology
Lab seem to be a bit small for some students to read. Some students with
disabilities also had trouble running a mouse; this was compensated by pairing
them with an able bodied partner. However, if you could make the site keyboard
activated also, it would help these students to navigate the site.
Used in course? Yes