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Numerical Integration Applet

Demonstrates integration by fitting polygons under a curve.


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Raj Markanda
Raj Markanda (Faculty)
20 years ago
We discussed the different numerical integration methods in the class and then went over the Wiley Numerical Integration web-site in class. I asked my students to explore this web-site and write a short report about the web-site.

This website gives a very good illustration of all the five numerical integration methods. Most of the integration and differentiation calculations can be done with graphing calculators. It is not easy to teach the comparison of different numerical integration methods using various examples. One can easily go through several illustrations by using this web-site.

The website also covers Newton's Method and Intermediate Theorem. My students found the Numerical Integration section most useful.

Technical Remarks:

It is a pretty easy to use web-site. All one has to do is to enter any function, specify the number of partitions and the numerical integraion method. The numerical anwsers for all five methods
appear on the screen with a highlighted answer for the particular method.