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The Auscultation Assistant

The Auscultation Assistant

This provides text description and audio examples of various heart and breath sounds. The sounds are broken up into certain catagories. The heart sounds are divided into systolic, where you can hear aortic stenosis, mitral regurgitation, etc.., and diastolic, where you can hear mitral stenosis, aortic regurgitation, etc.. The lung sounds provide examples of cackles and wheezes.... Show More

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Melodie Kolmetz
Melodie Kolmetz (Faculty)
24 weeks ago
The audio does not play.
Kandy Houmard
Kandy Houmard (Faculty)
2 years ago
I am not getting the audio to work on the auscultation site. Is the site currently working?
Janet Morris
Janet Morris (Health Care Professional)
2 years ago
The material and audio are good resource for medical students, nursing students, and healthcare professionals seeking a refresher course in heart and breath sounds. The audio clips are a great addition to the material to learn the different heart and breath sounds.
Kendra Harris
Kendra Harris (Student)
3 years ago
This material is good for cardiac and abbreviated health assessments. This provided not only an exemplary depiction of what the heart sounds are to sound like but also gave real life examples of cardiac sounds outside of the norm.
Time spent reviewing site: 45 minutes
Kristen Nicole
Kristen Nicole (Student)
3 years ago
This in conjunction with = winning combo!
Mamie Swift
Mamie Swift (Student)
3 years ago

This is a really smple website that is still incredibly useful. I've used this in both paramedic and nursing school, and the explanation juxtaposed with the sound file is especially helpful.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes
Madeleine Hughes
Madeleine Hughes (Student)
4 years ago
These sound clips are very helpful for new students who are unsure of how to differentiate different lung and heart sounds. This is an excellent resource.
Used in course? Yes
Rosaria Newman
Rosaria Newman (Student)
4 years ago

Love the sound clips!

Used in course? Yes
Sammi Shepard
Sammi Shepard (Student)
4 years ago

This material is easy for any student to understand whether they are an audio, visual, or lecture learner. The provided audio portion makes these abnormalities easier to understand than reading a textbook or even being taught in lecture. 

Jaime Hannans
Jaime Hannans (Faculty)
5 years ago
Useful for self-directive student station or independent study to practice listening to various heart sounds. Very helpful as support in learning cardiac assessment.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 1-2 hours
lakshmi naik
lakshmi naik (Health Care Professional)
6 years ago

great work

Used in course? Yes
Kimberly Barss
Kimberly Barss (Staff)
6 years ago
This resource is great and I have used it in the classroom before as well as given it out to students to use as an extra study resource and have received very positive feedback.
Julie Crisp
Julie Crisp (Faculty)
7 years ago
Thanks for this!My students need something to study with outside of sim-lab.
Used in course? Yes
JoAnne Raatz
JoAnne Raatz (Faculty)
8 years ago

Excellent!  The only thing I would add would be graphic of a beating heart with valves and blood flow visible.

Donna Sandretto
Donna Sandretto (Faculty)
9 years ago

Easy to understand text and clear sounds

Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes
Rishi Gupta
Rishi Gupta (Student)
10 years ago
This is a useful site. A more modern auscultation web site, with sound recordings, text and video animations is I've used it during beta testing and its a great learning tool.
Used in course? Yes
Bill Blankenbehler
Bill Blankenbehler (Student)
10 years ago
This is a great resource for students who need out of classroom support for in class teaching of normal and abnormal heart sounds. The sounds are clearly audible while the text offers a detailed description of the physiology/pathology associated. It is clear, concise, well organized, and has good presentation. Well done.
Inna Plugovaya
Inna Plugovaya (Student)
10 years ago
I really like how helpful this site was in not only teaching about different heart and lung sounds, but also experiencing them and hearing them in action.

Technical Remarks:

The only technical remark that i have to make is that i had to download a plugin to listen to the heart and lung sounds, but other than that, everything was great.
Time spent reviewing site: I spent about 40 minutes reviewing the site.
Kristin Coffman
Kristin Coffman (Faculty)
12 years ago
Unlike a textbook, this tutorial offers the student a real-life experience to the sounds of the heart. The sounds of the heart are easily audible in the lesson. Adventitious sounds, as well as "normal" ones, can be better understood by the student. This enables the student to better auscultate heart sounds upon entering the clinical setting. This information can be used by beginning medical and nursing students.
Marilyn Caldwell
Marilyn Caldwell (Faculty)
12 years ago
Unlike many auscultation resources, the heart and lung sounds are clearly audible and of sufficient length to analyze. The accompanying descriptions are written in student friendly language using commonly understood terminology. The explanations compliment visually the auditory experience.
Used in course? Yes
Christine Libertini
13 years ago
The information was very good. Although I have learned this information in classes, this site was separated in a way that helped me understand better.

Technical Remarks:

The sounds were good. I especially liked that they kept on going instead of stopping and starting over again.
Jill Wilson
Jill Wilson (Student)
13 years ago
This was very helpful. I liked listening to the sounds while I could read information about the sound I was hearing.
Alexis Kopral
Alexis Kopral (Student)
13 years ago
I loved being able to hear all the various heart sounds, that helped alot.

Technical Remarks:

If there is any way to get rid of the pause in between the playback of the audio it would help alot for us amateurs who are listening very closely because it could be confusing.
Mariel Yap-Diangco
Mariel Yap-Diangco (Student)
15 years ago
I would recommend this site to any beginning nursing or medical student! This
site has clear descriptions of the various abnormal heart and lung sounds and is
accompanied with actual audio that further enhanced my learning! It is also
user friendly with a section on physiology to better understand the abnormal
Used in course? Yes
David Karn
David Karn (Student)
15 years ago
I am a second semester nursing student, and I found this learning experience to be very helpful. The text with each heart sound was adequate and yet not overly technical or difficult to understand. I would be great if more adventitious lung sounds could be included on this site

Technical Remarks:

Being a Software Quality Assurance Proffessional, I found the site to work adequtley for the general population. The sound quality was excellent, and the graphical style was appropriate. Sound files take a little time to load. Overall this site meets the needs it is attempting to fill
Used in course? Yes
Erica Brim
Erica Brim (Student)
15 years ago
As a beginning student, found the site to be a good augmentation to the
resources I've received in class about lung sounds and abnormal heart sounds.
The content was very informative as well. I think it is a great tool to add to
the lectures on these topics and will recommend it to my professors.

Technical Remarks:

The site was easy to use and to locate information.
Used in course? Yes
Sandy Vang
Sandy Vang (Student)
15 years ago
It is a good website for anyone,not just health majors. As a beginning nursing
student hearing the lungs sound have make me understand more and how to
differentiate between abnormal sounds.

Technical Remarks:

it was easy to access
Used in course? Yes
supachana (Student)
17 years ago
As a beginning nursing student I found this site very helpful to learn the basic
heart and lung sounds. I did find some of the other heart sounds a bit too
advanced for me at this point, but I know that I will want to come back to this
site as I advance in education and clinical practice.
Used in course? Yes
Jamie Tucker
Jamie Tucker (Student)
17 years ago
This site is a great tool for learning to decipher different lung and heart
sounds. I have found that the quality of sound differs depending on the
computer one is using. I listened to all the sounds and found myself deeply in
thought trying to find the abnormality. It is a great way to not only learn
about heart and lung sounds but to develop a keen sense of deciphering with

Although this site is intended for medical students I can see value in the site
for college and high school students. It has practical application in what the
students are learning in terms of structure and function.

Technical Remarks:

The site was very easy to access and very easy to navigate. Like I stated
before the sound quality can vary amoung different computer systems. That was
the only problem that I encountered.
Used in course? Yes
Ehrlich (Student)
17 years ago
My husband spent around 1 hour trying the site, and then showed it to fellow
paramedics at our town's ambulance base. I then developed a lesson plan that
uses this site to supplement material in the cardiac unit in a paramedic class.
The following are comments that my husband has made about this site:
In comparing the sounds in this site to patient heart sounds heard on my
ambulance calls was a good way of reminding me how much it was stressed in my
original paramedic classes to differentiate between healthy heart sounds and
pathological ones. When I bring a patient with no prior heart disease history
into the emergency department it is not enough to tell the attending doctor that
'something sounds funny.' This site offers tools to help sharpen my clinical

Technical Remarks:

The site categorizes the 14 heart sounds into manageable groups. the
information presented was of benefit to both the layman interested in heart
sounds, as well as a medical student first learning cardiology. Links were
available for detailed definitions of terms as well as pointers to other sites
that dealt with lung sounds which is important because you need to differentiate
between heart and lung sounds. It is good to have a site that requires no
add-in to be downloaded in order to take advantage of the audio portion. The
Agilent link did not work, but did not detract from the effectiveness of the
Used in course? Yes
Donald Kelly
Donald Kelly (Faculty)
19 years ago
Had to pry myself away from this link--spent nearly an hour reviewing available
Sound quality is excellent (important for this resource), written commentary
very helpful
Would be extremely helpful in academic (anatomy and physiology and clinical
(nursing, respiratory care) setting
Interface intuitively obvious and easy to use

Technical Remarks:

Extremely easy to use for first time users
Joachim FERRER
Joachim FERRER (Faculty)
20 years ago
Went through it as a 3rd year nursing student would. Took just over an hour.
Very down to earth and clear explanations of each concept presented. Students
will find it a good introductions to heart and lung sounds and for periodic
review. Need more lung sounds.

Technical Remarks:

Very good quality of sound and visual.